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We shouldn't let this happen:

NYT story today about the party pulling another Hackett, this time on Jim Marcinkowski  in Michigan.

"His story -- former C.I.A. officer, disaffected Republican -- had great appeal to Democratic bigwigs seeking Congressional candidates. He talked to Representatives Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader; Steny Hoyer, the Democratic whip; and Rahm Emanuel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. All urged him to run, especially Mr. Emanuel, who called several times, and even shipped him a thank-you cheesecake after he had agreed to run.

Mr. Marcinkowski says everyone promised their full support.

"That and a buck-seventy will get you a nice cup of coffee at Starbucks," he said...

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Register to Vote if you Live in One of These States!

Update: I missed Florida, New Mexico, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia. Ack.

If you haven't registered to vote and you live Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, or Washington, do it today.  The deadlines for those states fall between October 7 - October 11, which is early next week.  Voter registration is no longer hard.  I did it a few days ago (change of address) through this site, which produced a nice slick PDF which I mailed in.  The whole process took me fifteen minutes.  

http://civic.moveon.org/save_the_interne t/voter_reg.html

As a bonus, since I did it through that site I'm now counted as an 'Internet Freedom Voter', or a voter who cares about net neutrality.

If you need deadlines for other states, go to this post.

You can also register to vote through this url if you want to register to vote and for some reason are against net neutrality: http://www.govote.org/?t1=120

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MI GOV Call To Action: Will Michigan Newspapers Investigate New DeVos Scandal?

(Cross-posted in slightly different form at Daily Kos)

If you haven't been following the MI Gov race the past few days, Dick DeVos (R-Amway) is trying to distance himself from a company he owns. Why? Bad, bad, bad stuff.

In the debate this week, he claimed he was just an investor controlling 1% of the company. But as I noted at Daily Kos yesterday, that just isn't credible. The company's own bylaws surrender virtually all control to DeVos. And yet he took steps to insulate himself from the company. Maybe he didn't know about the abuse? Maybe he didn't want to know. And he sure didn't want anybody else to. But it turns out there is a potential campaign finance scandal hidden in plain sight.

DemWave at Michigan Liberal calls attention to the fact that not only is DeVos friendlier with the Alterra crowd than he wants us to think, the former chair of Alterra is the current president of the DeVos family's RDV Corporation -- his name is Jerry Tubergen -- has donated the maximum amount allowed to DeVos's campaign. Which is fine, he can do that.

But curiously, when he hit HIS max, he didn't stop. He got his "homemaker" wife and three "student" daughters to max out as well. And they all listed as their address... RDV Corporation's address. Yet Jerry Tubergen listed his HOME address. Does anybody really believe that these "students" donated their own money? Does it even seem likely they SAW the checks that went out under their own names? As DemWave asks: "How many students do you know with $3,400.00 in their pocket who would willingly choose to spend it on some 50 year-old Republican running for governor?"

The donations are available on the SoS page. Here I've put them all together in one place:

This is HIGHLY suspicious. IANAL and neither is DemWave it seems, but Michigan campaign finance law does address what it sure looks like is happening here:

169.231 Contributions or expenditures controlled by another person; bundled contribution.

Sec. 31.

(1) A contribution that is controlled by, or made at the direction of, another person, including a parent organization, subsidiary, division, committee, department, branch, or local unit of a person, shall be reported by the person making the contribution and shall be regarded for purposes of contribution limits as a contribution attributable to both persons.

(2) A bundled contribution or a contribution that is delivered as part of a bundled contribution shall be regarded for purposes of contribution limits as both a contribution attributable to the bundling committee that delivered the contribution and a contribution attributable to the individual making the contribution.

I am not sure what constitutes proof here. It certainly has the appearance of impropriety, though. This is a question reporters at Michigan newspapers should be asking the DeVos campaign. Will they?

Beats me. I've sent e-mails out to several of them, and if you've got a moment, please do the same.

  • Detroit News
    David J. Butler, Editor & Publisher:dave.butler@detnews.com
    Susan Burzynski, Managing Editor: sue.burzynski@detnews.com
    Don Nauss, Deputy Managing Editor/ News: don.nauss@detnews.com

  • Grand Rapids Press:
    Mike Lloyd        Editor    mlloyd@grpress.com     (616) 222-5506
    Joe Crawford      Editorial Page Editor      jcrawford@grpress.com              (616) 222-5483
    John Barnes      Metro Editor      jbarnes@grpress.com    (616) 222-5457
    Jeff Cranson      Deputy Metro Editor       jcranson@grpress.com   (616) 222-5476

  • Detroit Free Press
    City/Metro desk: dfpcity@freepress.com 313-222-6600; fax: 313-222-5981
    Lansing bureau: cchristoff@freepress.com 313-222-6609

    More than a few make email forms available, or go to generic drop boxes. You can find them here:

  • MLive

    Meanwhile, there's more from DemWave already. Stay tuned.

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    Mark Foley's NRCC 'Buddy List'

    Cross-posted from dKos

    Man, I love the Internet Archive. If you know what you're doing, you can find some really neat things on it...like a list of pedophile ex-Rep. Mark Foley's 2002-2004 fundraisers that once appeared on the National Republican Congressional Committee website. Of particular note to us here in MI-08:
    October 2, 2002 5:30-7:00 pm Join Candidate Katherine Harris (FL-13) for a Reception with Congressman Henry Hyde (IL-6), Congressman Mark Foley (FL-16), Congressman Richard Burr (NC-5) and Congressman Mike Rogers (MI-8) The Home of Congressman Mark Foley (FL-16) - 137 D Street, SE $1,000 per PAC; $500 per Individual Keelen Communications (703) 548-0092 or e-mail info@keelencomm.com
    It gets better. Read below the fold for more, including the rest of Foley's NRCC "engagements"...

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    MI Gov: Granholm-DeVos Debate Tonight

    It's a big day in Michigan politics, because tonight Gov. Granholm goes toe to toe, head to disembodied head with Scamway scion Dick DeVos, for the first of several meetings.

    As I noted in my diary about this last week, the man claims to be quite a debater, but if you've seen his cringe-inducing  "video blogs" on YouTube, you know otherwise. One imagines he's probably prepared pretty well for this, but our J. Grho still remembers a thing or two from her Hollywood days. It never pays to be overconfident, but it should still be a great show.

    It should be about an hour long, so pop some pocorn and cozy up with your laptop -- because the Disembodied Head himself has a challenge for you... If you're not local, you can catch the debate (on tape, alas, not live) on CSPAN tonight, starting at 10pm.

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