Progressive Democrat Issue 222

This week I focus on healthcare, not surprisingly, as well as the boycott of Glenn Beck sponsors. I also have been slowly expandng some of my local coverage. I am trying to give local resources for people in three counties in New Jersey (Passaic, Warren and Sussex), three counties in Texas (Dallas, Harris and Travis) and one in Georgia (Coweta). Of course I continue my focus on Rochester, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn in New York as well as more general coverage of several other states. But first...

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Progressive Democrat Issue 221

This week I am focusing on coal. Coal is among the most polluting sources of energy and in a warming world makes little sense. Additionally, the mining of coal is also hugely destructive and polluting (remember the recent massive coal ash spill in Tennessee). America needs energy, but we need to focus on reducing energy use through energy efficiency (this saves money as well as energy) and replacing pollutiing energy sources with clean energy sources. That is why I emphasize biodiesel and other biofuels, wind and solar as well as energy efficiency. I also emphasize, as I do in this issue, fighting to stop new coal-burning plants and new coal mining projects.

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Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 220

I am streamlining how I put this newsletter together while also expanding coverage in two states where I have lots of readers: Georgia and New Jersey. Interestingly, readership went down while I was on vacation, but immediately came back up once I started posting again. So I guess you all really do pay attention when I post.

As Sotomayor comes closer and closer to confirmation, and as we have a new Surgeon General (who ran a clinic in Louisiana that she pieced back together herself after thanks to Bush and the Republicans, of course) and unanimous approval by the Senate of a new head of NASA, this represents a hugely important week for America where amazingly qualified minorities are reaching all levels of the Federal government.

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Progressive Democrat Issue 219

Back from a nice vacation. If you like, you can read about it here and see a few pictures of Jacob here.

Quite a lot going on, isn't there. Republicans (Sanford and Ensign) showing that their holier-than-thou attitudes are nothing more than facades covering a whole load of hypocrisy. And seems even groping pundits is on the list of Republican fetishes. Meanwhile we now learn that Cheney ordered the CIA to lie to Congress and the Bush Administration covered up a massacre in Afghnanistan. The Sotomayor hearings are coming up and the Republicans are going to have a very hard time stopping the approval of this excellent nominee. And of course Palin's very bizarre behavior...oh boy I hope she runs for President in 2012! She will drag the Republican party down even further.

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Progressive Democrat Issue 218

This will probably be my last newsletter for 3-5 weeks. Work, a conference, petitioning for candidates and vacation will be taking up my time into July.

Once again I want to ask my readers for help in four key NYC races

Josh Skaller: a good friend of mine running for City Council who was recently endorssed by Democracy for America and Howard Dean himself. Josh is a strong environmentalist and has worked on the local Howard Dean and Barack Obama campaigns. His main opponents are heavily supported by corporate interests. One of them is anti-Israel, and the other is anti-choice. Skaller, despite not taking any corporate donations, is doing well in fundraising and can be considered one of the two frontrunners in the race. I will be working very hard for Josh, and I hope some of my readers will send him some money to help us along. (more below the fold)

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