A Request to the PUMA here (seriously) (update2x)

Writing this diary was a very tough decision and it may go very poorly.  I prefer that we don't start a flame war here and if we do , I will simply delete the thread.

Okay, please read the whole thing before telling me to go f myself.

I know there are PUMA here, some are willing to talk and others are not, but you are here either way.  I have a request, an honest and straightforward one:

When you visit the PUMA blogs, please ask them to stop attacking Michelle Obama.  

After Hillary's amazing speech last night, I thought I would head to several PUMA blogs to see what the reaction was.  I was not surprised to see that they are still not okay with Barack (not the point of the diary, please don't discuss it here), but I was surprised at the vitriol being thrown at Michelle.  Frankly, I was appalled.  Here is why:

The people were using the same frames, same attacks, and the same horrible words about Michelle that the Republicans have been using against Hillary since 1991.  Hillary was a bitch, but now Michelle is one.  The comments only got worse from there. Are you (like the Republicans) that frightened of a beautiful, intelligent, well spoken woman?  

When the party was united under Bill and these attacks were constantly thrown Hillary's way, we stood up and said "bullshit".  Why?  Because attacking the wife is cold, callous, and completely inappropriate.

In conclusion, feel free to hate Barack and/or wish for his defeat that is not the point here.  But please, PLEASE do not attack Michelle and please, PLEASE stop calling her a bitch.  It is a low that you may not be able to recover from.

I would really appreciate if you could cross-post this at the usual haunts, but I doubt you will.  At the very least, when your friends do this, ask them not to and remind them of the 90's.  You can say something like, "we all know Barack is an empty suit, but Michelle is like Hillary: a beautiful intelligent woman.  Please stop attacking her".

Thanks in advance.

Once again, if a flame war starts.  I will delete the thread, which would be sad because I think the message is important.

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Fox refers to Michelle Obama as "Obama's baby mama"

I read about this on DailyKos that Fox was referring to Michelle Obama as "Obama's baby mama", which is slang for an unmarried mother of one's child.

It's beyond outrageous. How can they get away with this?

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Is Michelle Obama REALLY Going On A Date Tomorrow?

This diary is just for some dumb fun... but I'm very dubious about Obama's "date with my wife" line for tomorrow.

I totally think he is going to make a surprise appearance at Hillary Clinton's Washington DC event tomorrow, once she is done celebrating and thanking her supporters, he will get out on stage with her, big show of unity, hugs all around etc.

I think it could be the whole Clinton clan and all the Obama's.

That's the "date" if you ask me.

Answer my poll below with your opinion.

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I have a crush on Michelle Obama!

Thats right, I admit it.  I have the hots for Sasha Obama's mama!  She's brilliant, accomplished, outspoken, and - lets face it - gorgeous.  Heck, she's a fox!  Much has been said about whether Barack Obama can nail down the female vote now that Hillary has now been eliminated from the contest.  What hasn't been discussed is the huge asset Michelle Obama is to Barack in bringing in the boys.

In the coming months, we can expect the continuation of the experience vs. judgment debate.  Michelle Obama is proof enough for me that Barack's judgment is beyond reproach.

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Oh, SNAP! Obama Campaign Responds!

Earlier today, we had some diaries and speculation about Michelle Obama's supposed torpedoing of a Clinton VP position. After much hand-wringing and speculation, the Obama campaign has responded to this spurious rumor.

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