How To Buy A Mansion You Can't Afford

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The Obamas' new home has received a lot of attention in the corporate media and on the blogs. This post will discuss other perspectives.

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My Mind Has Changed: I Cannot Vote for Obama, Ever

Like many - the vast majority - of Clinton supporters, I have always said that I would support the eventual Democratic nominee, no matter who that nominee is.  With that I would make my usual small donations and talk up the nominee among my friends and neighbors.

Today I cannot make such a pledge.  If Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee I will not register a vote at the top of the ticket.  

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Michelle Obama's misogynist remarks

I have no use for sexist men and even less for sexist women.  Today on GMA Mrs. Obama said she would have to think about supporting Senator Clinton should she win the nomination.  Nice!

So when I went to look at that video I found this one.  On this she blames Clinton for her husband's cheating and says she gives a bad family role model and is unqualified to be president.  Imagine any woman saying another shouldn't be president or get any job for that matter because her husband cheated on her.

Hey Michelle, I hear it's happened to you and I hope that's just gossip because if it isn't you are dooming all of us to another republican presidency. Cross the fold to see the video.

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Obama: a right wing Zionist perspective

Obama is an empty suit into which people pour their dreams, or so we are told, by this diary, similarly entitled, Obama is an empty suit, that appeared on Daily Kos a day ago.

The reality is that this antiObama diary is nothing more than a right wing Zionist diatribe about why we should elect Hillary as president and not Obama. Why should we vote for Hillary instead of Obama? Because Hillary has her nose so far up AIPAC's ass, that it is unlikely that she will ever see American foreign policy again without the blinders provided by AIPAC's cheeks. This is a right wing Zionist perspective on the election.

This diary by dhonig appeared on Daily Kos on Sunday, January 27, 2008, and is reproduced here through Daily Kos' broad copyright free policy regarding its content. The content below can be obtained from the original links (see above).

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Russert's questions for Obama: What a joke!

Tim Russert ought to be ashamed of himself.

1) Senator Obama, your numbers have slipped a bit, can you explain that?

2) Do you think General Musharraf provided Bhutto the proper security?

3) Do you think Senator Clinton's vote caused the events surrounding Bhutto's death?

4) Are we rolling the dice electing you?

5) Why do you have to run now?

6) You called HRC the "Master of the System". What does that mean?

7) You also said you wouldn't allow a lobbyist to work in your White House...If a lobbyist agreed to your terms, they could work in the White House?

8) Senator Clinton made some interesting comments...Have you been fully vetted? Is there anything else we need to know about you?

9) Do you think these stories (drug and Muslim) have caused an unease about you?

10) Let's watch the Obama Health Ad. Let's read Ron Brownstein's article. Mandates? Quasi-Mandate?

11) If you don't win this time, you won't run again?

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