Michelle Obama: "I want to rip (Bill's) eyes out"

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Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for Barack Obama, this:

"I want to rip his eyes out!" she said, clawing at the air with her fingernails. One of her advisers gave her a nervous look. "Kidding!" Obama said. "See, this is what gets me into trouble."

Michelle jokes about blinding Bill Clinton

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In Strategy Shift: Obama to Throw "Kitchen Sink" at Himself

Today in an effort to undermine one of his central campaign themes, "a different kind of politics", a key foreign policy aide to Barack Obama, called Hillary Clinton a "monster".

The "kitchen sink" strategy began surfacing last week, when conversations between Canadian officials and Austan Goolsbee, Obama's senior economic advisor, came to light.  It was portrayed by the media as an "unforced error" on NAFTA.  Soon after reports of the conversations, Obama quickly unleashed a series of lies about whether those conversations occurred.

Perhaps the sharpest attack on himself occurred just yesterday, when Susan Rice, a senior Obama foreign policy advisor, said Sen. Obama was not ready for "3 a.m." phone call.  

In an effort to step up the attacks on himself this week, Sen. Obama has publicly called out Lorne Michaels, satirist, and Obama has vowed to have a conversation with Tina Fey.  Sources inside the Obama campaign confirm that he "meant it."

Later today, Michelle Obama is scheduled to host a "Proud to be an American" rally.

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Barack Hussein Obama

There, I said it or wrote it, rather. Michelle Obama was on CNN just now implying that anyone who didn't support her husband and dared to utter his middle name was a fearmonger. I'm not a fearmonger, and I reserve the right to use her husband's middle name if I want to, as free speech (which is stil protected under the Constitution, I hope) even if I don't support him. This is part of the Obama's own fearmonger spin today. They say Hillary Clinton's new Texas ads are fearmongering. Republicans are fearmongering. Fortunately for CNN, the Obama's aren't afraid. They'll stand up every time and whine to the adoring media about how everybody is being mean to them, giving the overpaid talking heads at CNN something to talk about all day long. Well, Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary's ads don't scare me, Republicans don't scare me, and your wife doesn't scare me either.

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Experience, and Experiences (of the Rezko sort) [UPDATED]

Update [2008-2-26 15:30:42 by susanhu]: Jeralyn at TalkLeft writes up the Rezko trial today (and she is going to cover the trial, which is terrific since she is an attorney and has covered trials for the 'net many times - subscribe to their RSS feed): "Rezko Trial Set to Begin: Implications for Barack Obama." Jeralyn covers some of what I have below, and also reviews a NY Sun article that is substantive, saying "as the Post points out, while the Rezko trial is occurring too late to help Hillary Clinton, it may be good fodder for John McCain."

"Experience": Via Taylor Marsh, Obama questioning his own experience to run for president when asked in 2004:

Experiences (he's had a few): The Chicago Tribune reports that "Obama's name likely to come up at Rezko trial" (prosecuted by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald):

The name of Democratic presidential front-runner Barack Obama is likely to brush up against the impending federal corruption trial of Antoin "Tony" Rezko as the result of a judge's ruling Monday.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy St. Eve, who is presiding over Rezko's trial, told prosecutors they could introduce evidence to support allegations that Rezko used straw men to make political contributions on his behalf.

Prosecutors have alleged that the money came from fees Rezko illegally siphoned from a state pension board.  [Someone I know is researching the "coincidence" that during the three-plus months that Illinois State Sen. Barack Obama was appointed to the senate's pension committee -- just three months -- the senate prevented the consolidation of state pensions, which would have adversely affected Rezko's pensions schemes, that bilked millions from the state pensions.  The bald facts are there, but my friend is still digging for details. - SusanUnPC]

There are new developments regarding the Obamas' home purchase ...

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Hittin' the bricks with Barack Obama

(Hi kids. Time for another spin on the Psychotronic time machine.)

After leading the biggest defeat of a political party in American history former presidential candidate Barack Obama has found himself in an unfamiliar position: regular job seeker.  

Shortly after the shocking collapse of his presidential run under the vicious scrutiny of the Republican attack machine he glumly sat on his couch and watched re-runs of 'Malcom in the Middle' for six months. Barack had resigned from the senate in humilation at his being returned to normal 'human' status and the snickering from the Republican side of the aisle proved too much for him to handle culminating in the infamous paperweight incident involving Sen. Kingston. Soon thereafter Michelle Obama announces that she isn't so proud of him anymore and he better get his butt up and start making some money again.

At first Barack assumes that his former employers will take him back with open arms but that soon proves not to be the case. No good having a lawyer who couldn't close a done deal after being handed nothing but loving press coverage and a total free pass on his lack of experience. Colleges too don't want him back because his former supporters have proven to be disruptive during classes due to their constant chanting. Forced to re-think his career options as a 48 year old man he finds that they are very limited indeed.

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