The Politics of Representation/Representational Politics

White civilization and European culture have forced an existential deviation on the Negro. I shall demonstrate elsewhere that what is often called the black soul is white man's artifact.

- Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks

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Why we must "Wright" off Obama

Sen. Barack Obama's Reverend Jeremiah Wright problem is just the beginning of his would-be November defeat.  The right-wing 527's will morph Sen. Obama into Louis Farrakhan by the time the general election rolls around.  As much as the MSM (and shameless Obama-shilling sites like Kos & HuffPo) try to play down the story, this one will linger.

Many Americans have never heard such vile things said about their country, let alone from the father-figure and spiritual adviser to a leading Presidential candidate.  Besides that, word came out today that Obama's financial ties to Tony Rezko are much closer than he previously declared.  What else will come out of Rezko's trial?  What will the 527's uncover about Obama's admittedly (sometimes) seedy youthful endeavors?  How many more times will Michelle Obama put her foot in her mouth?

Sen. Obama has already "bamboozled" us about his Rezko ties and is now trying to "hoodwink" us by saying he wasn't aware of his pastor's frequent hate-filled rhetoric.  Uhhh, didn't he sit in the Reverend's pews every Sunday on & off for the past 20 years?  Was he in the bathroom every time the Reverend spewed something detestable about our great country?  Or did he doze off during those screeching sermons about the "U-S of KKK"?  How else would he not hear those sermons?  I'm telling you it would be a huge mistake for the Democratic party to fall for Sen. Obama's "okey-doke" and nominate him.  If the super delegates give him the nomination in Denver, we are talking McGovern/Mondale style defeat in the fall here.....

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Obama's 2006 Earmarks & the Crown Family

Do you remember the Crown family?  Do you remember the Crown patriarch who sits on the board of Maytag?  Do you recall that Barack Obama, as a U.S. Senate candidate, met with Maytag workers, asked for their donations and promised them he'd help save their jobs, and that he then went to the Crown family and took their large donations, but never said a word to Crown about saving the jobs of the Maytag workers? (Crown confirmed in a newspaper interview that Obama never asked him about saving the Maytag jobs.)

Andy just alerted me to Jeralyn's post at TalkLeft, in which she highlights Obama's earmarks for General Dynamics, one of the largest military contractors in the world, and its ties to Chicago's Crown family.

"Among [Obama's earmarks are] an $8 million request for the 'High Explosive Air Burst Technology Program'. Ultimately, $1.3 million in funding was awarded for the program,"writes Jeralyn.

the defense project was overseen by General Dynamics, one of the nation's largest military contractors. Obama's Illinois finance chairman, James S. Crown, serves on the company's board of directors and his family holds a sizable stake in the company.

"Crown and his wife, Paula Crown," Jeralyn adds, "are members of Obama's National Finance Committee and have raised more than $200,000 for the Obama campaign, according to a list of fundraisers posted on Obama's campaign website."

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Keith Olbermann, Hypocrite

Keith, first let me say, I have thought you wonderful for years.  But last night, well, I'm done with you.  Had you been honest enough to publicly endorse Obama, then at least I would respect your next words, for they would have been the lies and distortions of an advocate.  However, your failure to do so makes you even less than what you criticize, for at least Senators Clinton and Obama admit they are politicians, advocating for their own election.  You pretend to be an uninterested observer, and are therefore a hypocrite and a liar, at least by omission.

Cross posted at the Big Orange Blog, where you can see censorship for unpopular opinions in action.

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Michelle Obama rld/us_and_americas/us_elections/article 3511860.ece

Lauren Collins has an 8.500 word profile of Michelle Obama in The New Yorker this week 03/10/080310fa_fact_collins

. [Michelle] Obama begins with a broad assessment of life in America in 2008, and life is not good: we're a divided country, we're a country that is "just downright mean," we are "guided by fear," we're a nation of cynics, sloths, and complacents. "We have become a nation of struggling folks who are barely making it every day," she said, as heads bobbed in the pews. "Folks are just jammed up, and it's gotten worse over my lifetime. And, doggone it, I'm young. Forty-four!"

She attracted controversy when it was revealed that after her husband was elected a US senator in 2004, her salary as a Chicago hospital administrator shot up. Soon afterwards the Chicago media reported that someone might have stolen a mink coat she wore to a party.

She shrugged off complaints that she was being overpaid because of her husband's success and has since become an eye-catching fixture at the senator's side


a mink coat reportedly belonging to Michelle Obama, wife of Sen. Barack Obama, may have gone missing following the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Saturday birthday bash at the South Shore Cultural Center hp?p=2645&more=1

The Obamas are certainly starting to look a lot like Illinois Democatic establishment hacks. The support for Todd Stroger, the ultimate unqualified hack. Funky real estate dealings with Tony Rezko, the ultimate squiffy dealmeister. And the mink coat. What modern woman wears mink. This is the 21st Century. It's not the cost I'm objecting to, it's the dead minks. Tacky, tacky. Cruel, cruel.

Comment by Cassandra Wednesday, Nov 1, 06 @ 8:47 am


A 1.65 million dollar Georgian home with four fireplaces, glass-door bookcases fashioned from Honduran mahogany, and a 1,000-bottle wine cellar? And who "misplaces" a mink coat? I don't begrudge anyone success or how they spend their money, but if I didn't know better, Obama sounds more like a Republican than the "working class representative" Democrat he claims to be.

Comment by Walking Wounded Wednesday, Nov 1, 06


WW, thanks for the reminder that only republicans are rich and only democrats work for a living. First I find out that Obama is a chain smoker, now his sife wears mink, sound like typical democrat politicians to me, WW. Perhaps he can go eat Foie Gras with Kerry and Kenendy.

Comment by Wumpus the Free Wednesday, Nov 1, 06 @ 9:17 am

Wumpus the Free...I hadn't been thinking so much about Kerry and Kennedy, more of Thurston Howell the Third and Lovey. But then again, they were just fictional characters. Seems we have enough of those in elected office.

Comment by Walking Wounded Wednesday, Nov 1, 06

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