Michelle Obama: Our Souls are Broken

Justin Paulette of AOL News Political-Machine wrote today that Michelle recently imparted the following gems of wisdom and revelation:

"We live in isolation, and because of that isolation we fear one another."

"Because Barack Obama is the only person in this race who understands that. That before we can work on the problems we have to fix our souls. Our souls are broken in this nation."

"Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual; uninvolved, uninformed."


Dear gentle myDD readers, are your souls broken?

Please come to Barack to get your souls fixed.

Thank you.

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Racial Politics. Again.

So we had to know that he would eventually resort to something like this.  The Clinton campaign stooped to an all-time low at a rally at a Pennsylvania university this week.  In order to broaden Hillary's appeal among black voters, Clinton campaign officials packed the seats behind Bill's podium with African-American students, going so far as to move non-black students who had already assembled in the seats.

As if months of playing racial politics weren't bad enough, trying to depict Barack Obama as the "black candidate" weren't bad enough, the Clinton campaign is now overstating the size of her shrinking African-American support in an attempt to siphon votes away from Senator Obama.  Using the young voters as campaign props is degrading and the Clinton campaign should be ashamed of itself.

Where is the MSM on this?  Where is the outrage from Keith Olbermann, who only spent half of his show attacking Hillary Clinton last night?  Where is Andrea Mitchell, who finally had the courage to point out that Hillary's mismanagement of her campaign demonstrates that women lack the capacity to be president?

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Michelle Obama: "Give Us Something Here"

One's jaw drops when reading this paragraph in the New Yorker's profile of Michelle Obama:

From these bleak generalities, Obama moves into specific complaints. Used to be, she will say, that you could count on a decent education in the neighborhood. But now there are all these charter schools and magnet schools that you have to "finagle" to get into. (Obama herself attended a magnet school, but never mind.) Health care is out of reach [she should know: she earns over $300,000 at her sinecure at The University of Chicago Hospitals] ("Let me tell you, don't get sick in America"), pensions are disappearing, college is too expensive, and even if you can figure out a way to go to college you won't be able to recoup the cost of the degree in many of the professions for which you needed it in the first place. "You're looking at a young couple that's just a few years out of debt," Obama said. "See, because, we went to those good schools, and we didn't have trust funds. I'm still waiting for Barack's trust fund. Especially after I heard that Dick Cheney was s'posed to be a relative or something. Give us something here!" (emphasis added)

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Rev. Wright - Sen. Obama's Nightmare

Ever since the the Rev. Jeremiah Wright issue broke a few days ago I have been conflicted. One the one hand there are certain courtesies that are extended to members of the clergy, on the other hand this has to be weighed against public responsibility. Knowing this has made me reluctant to express publicly how I feel about the situation. However, it is impossible for me to remain silent anymore.

I have had the distinct privilege of speaking in a number of pulpits in North America, Europe and the Caribbean. Most of these churches have been predominantly black. Many of them preach a social gospel that captures the essence of the black experience. There are many cultural issues that are addressed that would seem out of place in a Caucasian congregation.

Most black churches are more than religious entities; they encompass all aspects of the back experience. There are occasions where ministers will use sermons to address injustices that are common to their black congregants. Rev. Wright, however, and  crossed the line. Not only were the remarks he made extremely inappropriate and un-American; they were also hateful, inflammatory and racist.

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The Politics of Representation/Representational Politics

I shall demonstrate elsewhere that what is often called the black soul is white man's artifact.

- Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks

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