Sexist Type-Casting by Barack and Michelle Obama

It's hard to imagine a more macho headline: Obama Warns GOP "Lay Off My Wife."

"But I do want to say this to the GOP. If they think that they're going to try to make Michelle an issue in this campaign, they should be careful. Because that I find unacceptable," he said.

This is after Michelle Obama has already made dozens of solo campaign appearances without Big Strong Barack riding along to "protect" her. The Republicans are attacking Michelle Obama for her remark about the first time she was ever proud of America, which she made at a regular campaign event, and Mr. Obama responded as if one of his children had been attacked for watching Sesame Street.

But Michelle Obama is one of the most prominent figures in Obama's campaign for the Presidency. There is no conceivable reason why she should be immune to criticism from Republicans when she is campaigning against McCain every day... unless it's because she's a woman, unless it's because she's a wife, unless it's because she's a mommy, and everybody knows that only a villain would attack a mommy.

Barack Obama wasn't "defending his wife." He was putting her in a "protected category," along with his children, and that's exactly the category that women have been trying to get out of for the last hundred years.

When this skit played on ABC, Obama was campaigning in Montana and maybe it's just what all those reliably Republican ranchers wanted to hear:

Leave the women and children out of this, and let us men fight it out among ourselves.

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The GOP doesn't want to go there: attacking Michelle Obama

Interesting article from Jack Cafferty, apparently the GOP, now getting desperate to get something to take Barack out, will focus a bit on Michelle Obama: 5/16/gop-targeting-michelle-obama/

This new strategy must have alot to do with the fact that even when trying to affect Barack's coattails with ads on Wright in special elections in MS and LA, they were still unable to affect the state of the race. So, running out of options, where do they go next?

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If BHO is the unifier he claims to be......

......then he should offer the 2nd place Democratic primary finisher, who'd have finished mere percentage points behind him in both the delegate count and popular vote (w/ about 15 million votes total), the #2 spot on the ticket.  I'm talking Hillary, natch!

Of course BHO is under no obligation to do so, but it would be a brilliant and bold communal move, one that would indeed bring the party back together and focused on a singular common goal, defeating Sen. John McCain in November!  There's no way McCain could survive a battle w/ the 4-headed monster of Barack, Hillary, Bill & Michelle, could he?  

If Hillary were to be VP, it's doubtful she'd ever make it to the Oval Office, but being the first female Vice-President is not a bad way to go down in history.  Not to mention she'd be a real ball-buster in our do-nothing Democratic Congress, doing whatever it takes to redeem her legacy by finally getting health care passed.  If BHO were to be VP, he'd gain valuable experience and be in spectacular shape for 2016, when he'd be around the same age John Edwards is now.  His popularity and Congressional allies will ensure him the clout to keep Bill at a distance, which, well let's face it, would be beneficial to Hillary as well.

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Michelle Obama's Latest "Family Values" Swipe

"Family Values" is one of those political phrases that can't ever really be divorced from its earlier context and meaning. I'm sure that any one who lived through the 90's can't hear the phrase without remembering it as a Republican battle-cry used against the Clintons and the Democratic Party. It was a rhetorical weapon that signified opposition to liberal values such as gender equality and abortion rights. And it was used to attack the Clintons during the Ken Starr investigation and impeachment.

So why would Michelle Obama refer to "family values"tonight on Colbert?

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Michelle Obama's College Roommate Wanted Segregated Dorm

Cross-posted at DailyKos under my real name.

There has been much ado about Michelle Obama's college thesis in which she described feeling like an outsider at Princeton -- a black person first, a student second. I understand how she could have felt that way, especially twenty five years ago. After reading a poignant article about Michelle Obama's first college roommate, I have new insight into the environment that made her feel like a second class student during her college years.

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