Cindy McCain: Hypocrites in Action

It appears that Cindy McCain is now hitting Michelle Obama on the campaign trail, as evidenced by this recent CNN interview with her, where she defended her comment about "always" been proud of her country, an obvious and and intentional cheap shot at Senator Obama's wife:

As the presidential campaigns of John McCain and Barack Obama tangle over which is unfairly dragging the prospective first ladies into the general election battle, Cindy McCain sent a signal this morning that she's not about to step out of the fray.

The wife of presumptive Republican nominee John McCain stood behind her initial response to Democratic counterpart Michelle Obama's comment that for the first time she was "really proud" of her country. She told CNN's John King that her own remark - that she had "always" been proud of her country - had been a spontaneous response, not a planned attack.

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Bashing the Obamas (video)

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The Proper Role of a First Spouse?

This story here caught my attention today: nNews/idUSN1847324020080618

The particular part that raised my eyebrows was this statement from Michelle Obama:

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by buckeyemike
Wed Jun 18, 2008 at 11:16:51 AM PDT

Listening to my local radio stations news, I was shocked to hear the right wing smears againist Michelle Obama have now made it into the Associated Press's daily news feed to small radio and newspapers.
The report was that "the Obama campaign is trying to react quickly to reports againist Michelle Obama. She was quoted as saying that she had never been proud of America in her adult life.
She has been trying to improve her image with appearance today on "The View".

"She is reported to have made remarks about WHITEY in a speech at a church in Chicago."

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Is It Time Yet?

I think we already are seeing the GOP strategy against Barack Obama.  It seems it will be difficult to paint Obama as an "out of touch elitist", a man with "questionable ties", or a person "who doesn't love his country".  Thanks to a hard fought primary between two of the best Presidential candidates in decades, many of the "issues" about Barack Obama have already surfaced and have been analyzed, debated and MSM'd out.

His San Francisco remarks, Jerimiah Wright, Tony Rezko, flag pins, and Bill Ayers just won't have the same shocking effect anymore.  Sure they will be used in 527's, by Faux News, and will be listed as "talking points" by the GOP, but the effectiveness will be limited.  The American public does not like "old news", they thrive for something new and want something to hang their hat on.

Well, the GOP thinks they have found it...Michelle Obama.

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