For the Love of Money. The McCains.

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Now this is how you get the Bush Tax Cuts to work for you.

After reading another juicy joint from politico, we have The McCains and trying to weave through their money thing.

I don't see how anyone at this JUNCTURE can point the finger at The Obamas for anything in the realm of elitism.  Not when you have The McCains with what 6, 7, 8 homes?

In recent years, a Politico analysis found, the McCain family appears to have tapped its fortune liberally.

While Cindy McCain, her dependent children and the trusts and companies they control made as much as $29 million - and likely substantially more - from her family's business interests from 2004 through last year, data from the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Senate, U.S. Office of Government Ethics and the Center for Responsive Politics also reveals that they spent $11 million purchasing five condominiums for the family, hired additional household help and racked up progressively larger credit cards bills almost every year.

Their credit card bills peaked between January 2007 and May 2008, during which time Cindy McCain charged as much as $500,000 in a single month on one American Express card and $250,000 on another, while one of their two dependent children had an AmEx card with a monthly balance as large as $50,000.

OK, the five condos do not include two other homes, and hey doesn't everyone in America have AMEX Cards and can spend up to 500K a month!!!  No biggie, not when you have accessible money like this, swiping the good old card, doesn't mean a thing.

Remember when John McCain's campaign was on exhaust fumes last year?  Well his travel sure wasn't or did you expect John to travel in coach?

Likewise, John McCain's presidential campaign benefited from Cindy McCain's fortune, using a legal loophole to travel the country in a jet owned by her company for cut-rate fares.

In fact, the cost of using Cindy's private jet to get around only cost:
For five of those months, the plane was used almost exclusively for campaign-related purposes, those records show.

Mr. McCain's campaign paid a total of $241,149 for the use of that plane from last August through February, records show. That amount is approximately the cost of chartering a similar jet for a month or two, according to industry estimates.

Yes, real perks when you are the ultra rich.

Remember all the fuss on Michelle Obama's 148.00 dress she wore on The View?  A dress she plucked off the rack?  For many that is still pricey, but there will be no plucking off the racks for Cindy.  No that just won't do.

For instance, in the June issue of Vogue magazine, Cindy McCain said she favors suits made by the German designer Escada, which typically retail for around $3,000-a-pop. If she becomes first lady, she told Vogue she may switch to an American designer, possibly Carolina Herrera, whose suits are comparably pricey.

Now we all expect our potential first ladies to dress appropriately, I mean we don't want them looking like dish rags, but who in American can afford suits from Escada that start at 3K a pop?  Yeah, I thought this would put you on pause.


Sorry, don't know anyone that does.  You got to be in that "ultra rich" area to afford luxury clothing, yes that is what it is.

Now back to real estate, Cindy purchases three condos, and two in the same building.  The condos are priced at 700K, 830K and 4.7M but it does not stop there:

Cindy McCain, through another family corporation, spent about $4.7 million in 2004 and 2008 on two condos in an exclusive building in Coronado, Calif., an affluent San Diego suburb noted for its high percentage of military retirees.

And it continues....
Through her trusts and other corporate entities, Cindy McCain also owns another three properties: a scenic ranch outside Sedona, Arizona, where John McCain has entertained staff, prospective running mates and political reporters; a three-bedroom Arlington, Virginia, condo that's been John McCain's Washington-area residence since 1993 and the La Jolla, California, condo on which the back taxes were due.

This real estate puzzle reads like the who's who of the rich and famous.  It really does.  With all this property comes staff, as in those that pick your shit up and clean up after you.
The McCains increased their budget for household employees from $184,000 in 2006 to $273,000 in 2007, according to John McCain's tax returns.

I don't know about you, but John McCain with Cindy surely has no reason to call the Obamas elitists.  Not when you are running around spending up to 500K a month on AMEX cards, paying upwards of 300K for staff in all of your palatial residences, a corporate jet at the touch of your hand, and clothing only at couture boutiques where suits start at $3500.00.

What about the Americans who are hurting with lack of health care, food costs soaring, gas at the pump is off the chain, jobs are leaving this country, lack of jobs, tuition costs unaffordable, losing their homes and those that can not cover their bills; I don't know anyone in America who can relate to the McCains extravagances.

I am tired of the same old type of candidate, who is ultra rich, ascending to the office of the presidency.  What change can they bring?  They have been fed with the silver spoon of trust funds, elitism, and prestige.  This is not the average American who has to get up every day and work to make ends meet.

John and Cindy McCain should not utter another word about Barack and Michelle Obama.  They never had to work hard for anything; it has always been given to them, from money to name recognition.

It is time for change, not keeping the same.

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This Week With 'The Presumptive Democratic Nominee' Barack Obama, June 22-28, 2008

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June 30, 2008:  End of Month

It is that time.  

What did you say?  Yes, that time to donate. The Obama Campaign is not taking any public funding, so he won't get the grand total of 84M after the convention in August.  This campaign is totally depending on us, to fuel its current existence and through the November election.

While we are shedding away the primaries, which ended the first week of June, now we must revitalize and get engaged for the general election.  Remember the DNC, DCCC, DSCC also are depending on our donations.  Why?  The DNC must put on a convention, as in paying for it, and are in the trenches with Obama.  The DCCC must fund its congressional candidates, especially in some tough battleground districts.  The DSCC must fund its senatorial candidates, especially in some tough states, if we want to expand the senate.

All this must be done now, not yesterday, but now.

The Obama Campaign has some free giveaways with your donation.

For a 30.00 donation, you will receive a 100% cotton envirObama shirt.  Click on the image.

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And donate to the DNC here, the DCCC here and the DSCC here. We have good candidates, but they won't be elected without money.  Simple as that, donate.

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icebergslim's last word:  unity
As many know, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigned together for the first time in Unity, NH. Showing solidarity within the Democratic Party.

Much of this solidarity has already started to move Obama's way by the recent polling, nationally and statewide, see under polls above.  While this unity was shown publicly, behind the scenes the bartering is hard and heavy.  First the Obamas maxed to Clinton for 4600.00 and the Clintons shot one back atcha to the Obama Campaign. All this came about after Clinton introduced Obama to her fundraisers in Washington, D.C.

Apparently, the meeting seemed to go smooth.  Of course, there may still be angry folks, but all in all many realize that we are Democrats and if we want to win in November, we must forge alliance to make that happen.  Though some in the media are reporting, "no unity", this former Clinton backer promises to raise 10M for Obama.

After a hard fought campaign, of course the patches are rough and edgy, but we all realize that this is the Democratic Moment to seize and take back the White House, and increase our congress prospects.  To hang onto being angry, in the end just won't do.  It solves nothing and we can lose everything.

So, in this sentiment, I hope someone can clue Bill Clinton and Ralph Nader in on this.  First on the list is our former president who is apparently having a hard time accepting his wife's defeat, Bill Clinton.  All this utter nonsense, supposedly coming from him is not helpful or productive.  In fact, it makes our former president look more comical than the elder statesman of the party he is.  This type of distraction is not helpful for the party or unity, and I hope someone informs him of this.

Ralph Nader.  Who does not know him?  Mr. Consumer Advocate.  But recently with his outrageous rant about "Obama trying to 'talk white'" was straight out of the book of Geraldine Ferraro.  Nader must have read her blue print and decided to be the Geraldine Ferraro of the general election.

What I don't understand about Nader is that his explanation of this is totally a generational gap.  He tries to insist that Obama is not speaking like Jesse Jackson, lacks that hubris, when in fact Barack Obama is not a civil rights advocate.  Never was and never will be.  Which brings us back to how backwards Nader is, especially in his assumption of lumping all African-Americans in a bowl, which clearly is a no can do. For the record Obama denounce this silliness of Nader and the claim on "white talk".

Nader has been laughed at and obliterated for his comments and Bill Clinton either get on the bus or watch history and his legacy pass him by.

Both have a choice, but the public has a choice too, that is to ignore them both.  Sometimes making someone irrelevant is the best thing one can do.  Just brush this dirt off your shoulder, definitely Nader and hopefully not Bill Clinton.


Clark hits McCain's military credentials

Gen. Wesley Clark, acting as a surrogate for Barack Obama's campaign, invoked John McCain's military service against him in one of the more personal attacks on the Republican presidential nominee this election cycle.

Clark said that McCain lacked the executive experience necessary to be president, calling him "untested and untried" on CBS' "Face the Nation." And in saying so, he took a few swipes at McCain's military service.

After saying that "I certainly honor his service as a prisoner of war. He was a hero to me and to hundreds of thousands and millions of others in the armed forces, as a prisoner of war," he added that these experiences in no way qualify McCain to be president in his view:
"He has been a voice on the Senate Armed Services Committee. And he has traveled all over the world. But he hasn't held executive responsibility. That large squadron in the Navy that he commanded -- that wasn't a wartime squadron," Clark said.

"I don't think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president." continue

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well the above slideshow does make one smile, but our main person to support is barack obama, our democratic nominee.  it is also important to support and fund the dnc, who as obama is not taking pac and federal lobbyist dollars.  unity is wonderful, but faux unity won't work.  so, while things are being worked out, i hope hillary clinton has good faith to release her delegates, understand the importance of campaigning for barack, won't demand her name is released on the convention floor for potus, and not asking for outrageous air time at the convention.  this is a sore point, but this is what is being demanded and right now we have one boss who won this primary and that is barack obama.  we all want unity, but we also don't want this continued drama.  who needs it?  i hope everyone attended the unity for change meetings, this weekend.  i did and it was right in my neighborhood!!!!  there is real hunger for change out here and we are four months away from voting for it...keep the spirit up and remember to focus on obama and not the drama...


Tip the Obama Jar, Here
Get Involved Here
For Inspiration:  Yes.We.Can!!!


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Michelle Obama & Sexism in the Media.

(cross-posted at Kickin' it with CG)

Back in May, the Women's Media Center together with Media Matters launched a new video and online petition campaign illustrating the pervasive nature of sexism in the media's coverage entitled "Sexism Sells, But We're Not Buying It."

The purpose of the WMC campaign states that, "while Hillary Clinton's campaign has cast a spotlight on the issue of sexism, this isn't a partisan issue: it's about making sure that women's voices are present and powerful in our national dialogue." 

Since the GE campaign has begun, we have seen troubling new signs of sexism rear its ugly head.  And the Women's Media Center has remained vigilant.  Below is an excerpt of an email I received from them today.

Dear Canadian Gal,

We hardly had time to recover from the spiteful, often sexist, barrage of sentiment against Hillary Clinton, when the assault began in earnest on Michelle Obama. Last week she made the front page of The New York Times which touted a personality "makeover," then she "surprised" observers by playing nicely with others on ABC's The View.  This, as the gears of a sinister smear machine racheted up a notch, insinuating un-American, anti-white motives on her part. If reading this or any of the electoral coverage on women makes you angry - help us fight bias.  

We must be vigilant here. Both sexism and racism are in play.  Use of seemingly innocuous words such as "strong woman" in referring to Michelle have to be analyzed: what, exactly, do you mean by that? Speculating endlessly about implanted codes in "fist bumps" and what riotous signal they may be giving to other African Americans is an outrage. And for those who have thrilled to the prospect of spitfires going at each other for the amusement of the media and public, you may be in for a disappointment. This is what Cindy McCain said about Michelle this week: "I think she's a good woman, a fine mother we both are in an interesting line of work right now." And Michelle on Hillary Clinton: " I think that Hillary Clinton, as she said, has made 18 million cracks on the ceiling and we need to keep pushing it and pushing it. She's taken [the hits] so that when my girls come along they won't have to fight it as badly." We must reign in the destructive, woman-belittling dramas in our media. We must speak up for all women subjected to them.

We need your support so we can keep on advocating for women to be represented fairly. The WMC has been at the lead of the fight against sexism in the media. Our "Sexism Sells, But We're Not Buying It" campaign already has more than 200,000 views and nearly 6,000 signatures, demanding that networks be held accountable for language that goes over the line of acceptability.

Please sign now to be included.

For more information, please visit

------ End of Forwarded Message

If you have not yet had the opportunity to sign the petition calling out the media fail, I encourage you to do so.

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Hillary 2.0

(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama)

When William Jefferson Clinton was elected president, I was still a young girl living with parents who were determined (especially my father) to instill in me a love for the Republican Party, and a sneering disdain for Democrats in general. I grew up around Right wing radio and Fox News (first launched in 1996). I was supposed to detest Bill Clinton and scoff at his wife. I remember when Hillary made her infamous "baking cookies" remark and did her amusing impression of Tammy Wynette's accent. I remember because I giggled delightedly and beamed at her - and because my father chastised me immediately. But I liked her, and I couldn't help it - and at the time, I liked Bill even more. When my father asked me who I wanted for president, I told him I wanted "the friendly one," much to his dismay. As the 1992 election results rolled in, I sat directly in front of the TV with an irrepressible grin on my face, while my parents emitted exasperated sighs from the other side of the room.

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Soft, Cuddly Wives and Mothers.

(cross-posted at Kickin' it with CG and Clintonistas for Obama)

Most progressives would agree that Hillary Clinton was on the receiving end of a great deal of sexism in the Democratic primary.  This was mostly manifested in the media coverage of her as illustrated in the focus on Clinton's appearance, mannerisms etc.  But almost as quick as anyone could say c-o-n-c-e-d-e, other troubling signs of sexism have surfaced in the campaign.

What has been disgusting is that we have reverted into the oldest stereotypes - namely that women should ONLY depicted as wives or mothers.

The responsibility doesn't just rest on the media, which I'll get to in a minute. The campaigns themselves deserve some of the blame as well. Do the Obama's and the McCain's want to play into the stereotypes of first ladies that are only sweet and cuddly? Is Michelle going to quit giving her husband the fist-bump because it comes across as too strong?  Does Cindy have to submit any more of 'her' cookie recipes so people can relate to her?

Media stories breathlessly ask:

'Where do they buy their clothes?'

'What types of food do they cook?'

'Which one can be compared to Jackie O?'

WE GET IT.  They are wives and mothers. But guess what?  Both are highly accomplished and intelligent women and are other things too.

In a New York Times article covering Michelle's stint on The View, they further this meme:

Early on, Mrs. Obama was likened to Jackie Kennedy for her youth and fashion style, but lately, the strong and assertive African-American career woman is experiencing the kind of antifeminist hazing that Mrs. Clinton endured in the 1992 campaign when she made her "baking cookies" faux pas.  

Mrs. Obama distanced herself from that model on "The View," describing herself as a mother and not mentioning her law career or her views on policy.

The question is, how does mentioning her career or policy positions make her more palatable?  Is the writer suggesting that America cannot handle a strong woman?  Or that Michelle's policy positions are unimportant?

This new focus on Michelle and Cindy's hair and dresses comes right at the end of the gender-biased way the media covered Clinton's campaign.  And instead of letting this go - AGAIN - we should be holding the media accountable for perpetuating stereotypes. If a white woman is strong, she's considered cold - as the coverage of Cindy has shown. If a black woman is strong, she's obviously angry - so go the accusations about Michelle.

While I am by no means trying to minimize both the beauty or personal accomplishments of these women, there is far more to them than those things.  And seeing as how the 2008 election cycle thus far has turned conventional thinking on its head, this is an opportunity to change the way women - and first ladies - are represented.  If we let the narrative about the potential first ladies converge on the role and status of the conventional "little lady" then we have lost the chance to reframe gender and marriage dynamics.

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