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I was reading Could Tucker Bounds be a bigger douche? by sharistuff and I had to laugh.  The "epic fail" of the GOP smear machine has become one of the great joys of my life.  The free fall panic of rats jumping off a ship that they sunk themselves, is truly delightful.

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So, No Apology Then?

Wow. Here is Michele Bachman's so-called apology ad in which the closest she comes to apologizing is when she says "I may not always get my words right but I know my heart is right." Yeah, the same heart that questioned and demanded an investigation into the patriotism of her colleagues. What a joke.

Watch it:

There was no way she could actually come out and apologize because A. she's not sorry, she meant every word and B. her base would turn on her because they believe every word as well. It's just too bad for her that her base is made up of an increasingly marginalized fringe right wing freakshow crowd. It's the same crowd she's appealing to when she says "We could embrace government as the answer to our problems or we could choose freedom and liberty." They literally believe government is the opposite of freedom. How sad.

If we've learned one thing this year, it's that the American people more and more do see government as having a crucial role in our lives and as a force of good. They actually want a competent, well-run government for a change. But this revelation is lost on Bachmann and all her fellow ideologues. This idea that government restricts freedom is the at the heart of their worldview; it's central to the right-wing meme that "big government" is evil that has been propagated by 30 years of conservative intellectuals, think tanks and a complicit media saying it is so. Reversing this meme is one of our biggest priorities as we embark on what could turn out to be a new progressive era.

As for Bachmann...well you know what to do. Give to El Tinklenberg today.

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MN-Sen: Did Michele Bachmann Doom Norm Coleman?

There is an indication that the fallout from Michele Bachmann's Hardball flameout has not ended and in fact could bleed into other races throughout Minnesota. Politico's Shenanigans links to this Bloomberg News article that talks of a potential Bachmann "domino effect":

While Bachmann, 52, has said she'd like to "take back" her comments, aftershocks are shaking up races outside her district, northwest of Minneapolis. Republican nominee John McCain trails Obama in Minnesota polls, and incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman is locked in a tough re-election fight.

Bachmann's "self-inflicted" damage may drag down Republicans all over the ballot, University of Minnesota professor Lawrence Jacobs said. "It will not take much of a dip in turnout to have a cataclysmic effect on the races in Minnesota," said Jacobs, director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance.

As for how it may impact Coleman specifically:

The flap over Bachmann's remarks lengthens odds that McCain can overtake Obama, and hurts Coleman in a neck-and-neck race. "Coleman is going to need every living, breathing Republican to turn out and vote, and Michele Bachmann's comment is kind of piling on in a bad year," Jacobs said.

Goal Thermometer

And Coleman seems to know this. On Sunday, on the same local morning TV news show during which Bachmann reiterated her comments about Barack Obama, Coleman tried to distance himself from them.

Coleman rejected Bachmann's view on Obama's anti-Americanism and said, "I would not label his views as anti-American."

But distancing himself from her isn't so easy after he's been appearing by her side at McCain/Palin events throughout the state.

So is there actual evidence that Bachmann's remarks are accruing to the benefit of Franken? Well, the two polls released since last Friday have Franken up by 4 & 6 points respectively, both of which have Franken slightly over-performing the Pollster trend estimate. But at the same time, Rasmussen, which has Franken up by 4, had him up by 6 just 2 weeks ago while Coleman's and Barkley's support has remained static. In other words, it's unclear as of yet. And luckily for Coleman, Minnesota doesn't have open early voting (to vote prior to Nov. 4th, you must give a reason.) So, if Franken is smart, he will make sure Minnesota voters, when they walk into those voting booths in 11 days, don't forget how tight Coleman and Bachmann have been.

Help Al out in his final push over at our Road To 60 ActBlue page. You guys blasted through my previous goal in less than a day, so let's now shoot for 120 donors for Al to make sure Norm Coleman pays for Michele Bachman's neo-McCarthyist rantings.

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The Guano Bath

It's time to begin referring to the Republican Party by more accurate terminology. For example, as the White Nativist bloc of a former British colony. People who claim against all sense and reason that they're the only "real" representatives of their migrant-saturated current homeland, while glossing over both their cruelty and fear with a dreamy sentimentality.

That might sound harsh, but seems far more polite than pointing out that they've become the storm drain catchment for every batsh_t, nihilistic bigot left orphan by the dissolution of the American Independent Party.

Given that, one thing was certain as far back as the point in the Democratic primary when it was clear that either Clinton or Obama was going to be the nominee: we were going to see peaks of wingnuttery this cycle that would make us alternately cringe, gape, and boggle. Oh, the optimism.

But they've learned some lessons since the last time they got their guano on. For one thing, you do not want this guy to be the main face of your party while you're doing it ...

Way better to transmit your not-too-subtle message about how citizenship is only for (virginal or married) straight, White, rural, conservative, Bible-believing* Christian through the mouth of some sexy Puritan. And listen to them go, laying down the law about who gets to be a real American:

Not that all your spokespeople can be expensively styled women. At some point, you run out. Then your motivating principles still have to pass the old White guy test. It goes a little something like this: if an unremarkable old White guy says in public what your core following believes in private, does it make him sound like your favorite uncle or like some dubious, overcoated stranger pitching the candy in his pockets?

Eventually, people like this pick up on your message. A message that, as voting patterns can attest, has already gotten through loud and clear to everyone offended by the demonization of US citizens who are non-White and non-Christian:

But having partially plumbed their lunacy, a question remains: When your voting majority and much of your leadership consists of those xenophobic White people who believe the government shouldn't meddle in personal matters like mass transit, civil liberties, municipal water supplies, universal childhood education and bridge repair, can your party be called a coalition anymore?

They invited the crazy in themselves, they drove away anyone who thought "f___ you, and the horse you rode in on" was a bad political platform, they're going to have to make it stop. The hard part is wanting to, and I hope they manage it. Because they're as American as anyone else, and they're making the rest of us look bad.

Until then, they really need a longtimeout.

* Seriously, wtf does "Bible-believing" mean in the context of talking about people who identify as Christian? Is there some sect of Christianity I haven't heard of that rejects the Bible as a fraud? If someone insisted on calling themselves a Koran-believing Muslim, or a Veda-believing Hindu, I think you'd look at them kind of funny. And they'd deserve it.

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Bachmann goes boom!

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Unhinged Whack Job Authentique Michele Bachmann is having real problems after she called Barack Obama un-American and demanded investigations into the patriotism of Democrats in Congress.  So what's the title of the Christian Scientist Monitor story on her campaign problems?  "Bachmann's campaign implodes -- anti-Americans run wild." And how does The Fix describe the race? "Bachmann Goes Boom!"

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