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Military Families Join Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising Tour

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Today, you, dear reader, can do as no one has done before.  Any of us in North America can view the full version of Slackers Uprising is now available for free to all residents of the United States and Canada.  In the land of liberty, please take some.  Be bold; be brave.  Prepare to find reasons to partake in the democratic process.  Get ready to click for a film, or cast a ballot for the next President of the United States.

The hype may heighten; still there is work to be done.

Americans already confident that their chosen candidate will win the Presidential election, may wish to assess what happens quickly.  People are fickle.  A voter can vacillate.  Someone may say they will cast a ballot for one candidate or the other.  However, when a constituent finally places pen to paper, punches a card, pulls a lever, or touches a computer screen, one never knows what that person will ultimately do.  No matter what any individual tells a pollster, every citizen must remember, people change their minds.  

The only certainty is the notion nothing is constant.  Each of us must recall, how capricious any human being can be and how imprecise public opinion polls are.  Even election results can be other than they appear to be.  When humans are involved, anything can happen.

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Michael Moore Responds to Joe Lieberman

Hope no one already posted this, a retort from Michael Moore to Joe Lieberman's speech last night. You can't help loving this guy, Moore, that is.

(Last night, during his primetime speech from the podium at the Republican National Convention, Senator Joe Lieberman made the following statement: "... if John McCain is just another partisan Republican, then I'm Michael Moore's favorite Democrat.  And I'm not. And I think you know that I'm not.")

Michael Moore responded to Lieberman:

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Michael Moore comes off the fence

Michael Moore has been awfully quiet this election season, but no more. He doesn't seem to be bothered much by the fact that votes in his home state of Michigan aren't counting; though he doesn't get specific, my sense is that it has something to do with the rules.

Well, like me, Michael is particularly nauseated by the campaign that has been run by the Clintons. Well, read Michael for yourself.

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And Generation Why cried "me, me, me" all the way home

Do people actually think those young voters who turned out in droves last night are going to turn out in middle America to vote for Barak Obama? Don't people understand how this country works by now?

Do they really think the high democrat-in-name-only turnout last night was representative of Iowa or America? Dream on.

Those were the same people that got behind Ralph Nader and put George Bush in the White House in 2000 -- and they're now going to send this man up against war hero, John McCain...

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Single-Payer and H.R. 676: Debunking the Myths

Here's some responses to the false, but commonly made, criticisms of single-payer health care plans. H. R. 676 is a Congressional bill co-authored by Dennis Kucinich, has now gained over 75 cosponsors and the endorsements of powerful unions and organizations, such as the AFL-CIO, California Nurses, PNHP and One Care California, as well as Michael Moore. It would set up a national, not-for-profit, health care system in the United States and provide fully comprehensive health care to ALL Americans, including all primary, emergency and long term care, office visits, medication costs, dental, vision and mental health, as well as drug and alchohol counseling. Further it, eliminates all co-pays, deductibles and medication costs. It is the simplest, most reasonable and dependable solution for the U.S. health care crisis.

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