When Immigrants Kill

Politically of course...All right, so I'm playing devil's advocate here. All I ask is that you hear me out. I'm going to use my own experience to explain why I think the common American is so far out in the extreme on the issue of immigration and why I think it will kill the left.

I have consistently argued in the past on this blog that Immigration is the one political issue that can yank the floor from beneath the Democratic Party without it even knowing. I'd like to take the time to explain why I think the psyche of America has become so anti-immigrant by using my own experiences.

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PROTEST: Teamsters to protest DOT's Illegal Mexican Truck Project

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I just got word that Teamsters in Laredo, Texas, and San Diego, California, are going to protest the DOT's illegal pilot project to allow Mexican trucks beyond the current 25-mile border safety zone tomorow.

I will update with times and places as the details become available.

We welcome all bloggers, vloggers, photographers, and supporters. Help us send a message to the Bush administration that we have a Congress for a reason.

March with us!

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Bill Richardson Roundup: News of the Week in Review

This was a significant week in Bill Richardson's campaign for President, with a major address in Washington D.C. at the Take Back America Conference on climate change and how to end the bloodshed in Iraq.  

It was also a significant week for peace and stability in Korea and Asia - which highlights Richardson's expertise in foreign affairs and his diplomatic skills. With Richardson as President we get two for the price of one - a can-do leader on domestic issues and an experienced diplomat that knows how to bring people and nations together.

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Breaking: Immigration Deal Disaster for Environment, Workers

By Glenn Hurowitz

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Senate Democrats and Republicans have concluded an "immigration reform" deal that will be a disaster for the environment and workers. To placate extremist anti-immigrant activists, Democrats agreed to go ahead and finance construction of 370 miles of fencing along the Mexican border. The double-layered concrete wall will cut off endangered wildlife like jaguars, Sonoran pronghorn antelope, and the ferruginous pygmy owl from their habitat and divide several wildlife refuges that local conservationists fought for decades to create. Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff has made the situation worse by waiving all environmental laws to expedite construction of the wall.

But the wall may be just one part of the environmental double whammy likely from any grand bargain on immigration. There's significant evidence that the influx of people from less developed countries like Mexico to developed countries like the United States is helping fuel the United States's rapid increase in global warming pollution by increasing the number of people partaking of America's high consumption habits.

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A Reason for Alarm

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While it remains to be seen how any of this will affect U.S. foreign relations, over the past couple of years, I have noticed an alarming trend in worldwide elections:  the right is on the rise.

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