Progressives Economic Vision vs Social Vision

I believe the "Land Value Tax" ECONOMIC SYSTEM... eventually, will become the best idea progressives have to bring us closest to the social democracy progressives strive's the perfect "economic justice mantra" we need (as opposed to the progressive's "social justice" message that turns off so many voters and hasn't worked in twenty years) to help us stay in government.

We simply can't depend on the Republicans to implode year after year if we want to maintain a majority. I'll try to be concise....

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Its Time for an American Values Message

The Republican message on security and terrorism makes sense to me as a political strategy and message.  But honestly, I can't figure out what the Democratic message is, other than to say they aren't Republican's, as corrupt, or pedophiles.  Oh, and Iraq is bad, but we don't have an alternative.

Seems to me that the Democrats pitch should be "a return to American values." My sample ad copy below.

"Cronyism [Brownie, heckuva job shot], heartless indifference, [inside Superdome] bribery,[Duke Cunningham] influence peddling[Abromoff], corruption[Halliburton logo], incompetence[Iraq war shot], and now praying on innocent children.  The Republican's have lost touch with our American values.  Vote for a change.  Vote Democrat."

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Democratic Message on Terrorism

What should the Democratic Message on terrorism be this fall?  I suggest the following which has proven to work for FDR- noting to fear but fear itself - and Ronald Reagen - Morning in America.  Rising music, flags in the background etc.

America has nothing to fear from terrorism.  Yes, we have been attacked and our citizens have been killed and it is incumbent on any sovereign nation to protect its citizens but need we fear?  When our forefathers set out to cross the atlantic and found new colonies many died but they were not quelled by fear.  When the revolutionaries signed their names to the declaration of Indepence and began a war to create our nation, many died but did they fear?  Immigrants have crossed the oceans, we have fought wars in Europe, settled a continent, but not from fear and with timid hearts, but with hope and a belief in the founding principles of our country.  We must work tirelessly to protect our citizens and stop terrorist attacks but we need not fear them.  They are not a threat to the ideals of our nation, to our past achievements, to the future greatness of our country.  The world trade center was destroyed, we shall rebuild it.  Americans were killed and injured, and americans rose to mourn for them, help them, and work to create a better future.  The greatness of America rests in our principles of freedom, equality, and opportunity - ideals that cannot be hijacked, blown up, kidnapped or killed.  As long as they live in the fearless hearts of our citizens they shall endure and continue to inspire peoples at home and abroad.  We are a nation of hope, perserverance and belief in a better future. This great spirit need fear nothing from extremists from any corner of the world for hope is stronger than fear and belief in a better world ever triumphs over hate.  Now, as never before, it is the power of our ideals and the belief in a better world to be built that the world needs.  We have not faltered in the past, we shall not falter now.  American greatness is in freedom, equality and opportunity, in a better world for all to enjoy.  We need not fear for our brightest days lie ahead of us in the better America to come.

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Cut and Run? I Call Bullshit...

i don't know about you, but i've had enough of george bush and his apologists questioning my patriotism.  cut and run?  democrats aren't advocating running away from the fight against terrorists, they are talking about leaving the quagmire in iraq (pdf).  more to the point, george bush already has cut and run.  remember tora bora?  where we had osama bin laden surrounded?

george bush let bin laden escape.  and then he turned his back on the war against terrorists to finish up the war his father suspended against saddam hussein.  who's got a history of cutting and running?

hello, mcfly?!?

george bush and his administration are trying to cover up policy failures with strong rhetoric.  george bush has pretty words.  i happen to agree that the "war on terrorism" (a misnomer, because i agree that one cannot conduct war on a tactic) should be the central focus of our national security and foreign policy efforts.  i'm just smart enough to realize that iraq doesn't fit in there.  even when forced.  as my wife (a retired navy veteran) points out, the administration gave up the war on terrorism when they attacked iraq.

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D.C. Consultants: Voters Don't Care About Politics

People don't remember political specifics, but they do evaluate them, building a lasting impression of the candidate in question. Later, they might not remember why they do or don't like the candidate, but they might still have a very strong favorable or unfavorable opinion of him.

It's pretty simple. It's pretty obvious. It's also the major finding of the following study: Lodge, Milton, Marco R. Steenbergen, and Shawn Brau. 1995. "The Responsive Voter: Campaign Information and the Dynamics of Candidate Evaluation." American Political Science Review 89:309-326. This explains why process politics is a waste of air-time, and why the politics of contrast is an absolute must for reaching voters who do not actively seek out political knowledge.

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