Clark: No Demonstrations on Memorial Day, please.

I was horrified when I first heard that John Edwards was asking everyone to demonstrate against the war on Memorial Day.

It seemed nothing more than a cheap political stunt to me. But even if I give him the benefit of the doubt, I'm still left with his incredible ignorance of what the day means to those who have lost loved ones in the service of their country.

Clark says it best......

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Mitt Romney is clueless.

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The John Edwards Conference Call: Support the Troops - End the War!

The announced conference call with John Edwards was a big mystery. We were told that he would be announcing a big development in the campaign, and, like the cynical political junkies that we are, speculation tended to revolve around inside baseball stuff, like a big endorsement or a staff shakeup. Instead, John Edwards announced that he was launching a brand new effort to end the war - a Memorial Day campaign called "Support the Troops, End the War." The basic idea is to reclaim patriotism by taking action to really support the troops, whether it's by organizing a rally, putting together a prayer group, packing a care package, or welcoming returning veterans to the community.

The effort is based around a website tool at, where people can log on and create their own events, or search for events in their area.  If you create your own event, you can choose from several suggested topics, and each one has helpful links to sympathetic organizations who can assist in putting together your event.  

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Another Neo-Memorial Day

Here were this retired Navy veteran's thoughts on Memorial Day.  

We suffer under a regime that gives a glad hand to America's veterans as it exploits and abuses them to support its hidden agenda.  

Though its vision of a U.S. global dominance enforced by military power is a proven failure by any coherent measure of effectiveness, the American neoconservative movement refuses to concede the obvious.  America's armed interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq have produced more instability in the world than existed prior to them.  America's standing and prestige in the world have all but vanished.  

Under the fold: the unknowns...

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Remember the Survivors

It is important to remember that soldiers operate in an environment beyond our comprehension. Our current mission in Iraq is ill defined and the enemy unseen. Daily existence under such circumstances can't help but grind away at one's humanity. Furthermore, immoral leadership from the top condoning torture (Bush's so-called "regrets" notwithstanding) has filtered down to the ranks.

The recent allegations of cold-blooded murder perpetrated upon Iraqi civilians by American soldiers are the direct result of the Bush Administration's moral bankruptcy. Atrocities happen in all wars on all sides but this may be the tip of the iceberg and only what has been exposed to date. Yet while their actions should not be excused the real blame for their crimes truly resides with the political leadership that launched an illegitimate war. Both Iraqi civilians and American soldiers are victims of George Bush's foolish imperialism.

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