Memorial Day tribute to Democratic servicemen!

Today is Memorial Day, obviously, (at least it still is on the West Coast!) and much to my surprise, there were a couple of tributes to John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, when I woke up this morning.

Now, I can more than appreciate Senator McCain's service to our country, but I had to wonder why prominent Democratic servicemen weren't being honored as well. I asked TexasDarlin this on her thread.

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Open Thread - Sen. Kennedy Racing Sailboats

Some positive news in the Boston Globe:

HYANNIS PORT -- Under pristine skies and with strong gusts, Senator Edward M. Kennedy this afternoon steered his 50-foot schooner from Nantucket to a mooring beside his beach-front compound, leading many of the sailboats in the final leg of the annual Figawi Race.
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It took Kennedy only about 2.5 hours to make the journey across Nantucket Sound in a trip that many thought he wouldn't take after being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor last week. He finished second in his division.

Consider this a Memorial Day afternoon open thread. What are people grilling?

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A Tribute to the "Enemy"

Today, Memorial Day, I honor the American heros who have laid their lives on the front lines for the love of our country.  I honor the soldiers -- past and present -- who have battled our enemies, and often paid a tragic price.  They have paid with their lives, their mental or physical health, the heartbreak of  loved ones.

I have never lost a loved one to war, and so I have immense respect and gratitude towards those who have personally suffered to keep our country free and peaceful.  For our soldiers, for the sacrifice they and their families have made -- I am eternally proud and thankful.

It is in this spirit that I salute "the enemy," John McCain, war hero and patriot.  An honored veteran, a man of great courage and dignity who endured unimaginable suffering on America's behalf.

In the heat of political battles, it's easy to forget Senator McCain's legacy. Thank you, John McCain, for your service and your sacrifice.

I salute you, and all the brave women and men who have served our country with honor.

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Memorial Day

A thread for endings and beginnings.

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Celebrating Memorial Day: Get Out of Here!

As this past weekend has shown us, the media is great at one thing: driving ratings, driving stories, driving nonsense, but mostly just driving. As Exhibit "A" I will direct your attention to the Politico article where in a fit of honesty, they described in detail what most of us already suspected -- sometimes it's not the story itself that matters, but how it is perceived. And the media will push whatever angle it wants: 8/10604.html

And of course, everyone once in a while, for "balance", they'll throw the other side of bone. As in, stain everyone equally. Lest you doubt me, just go to the MSNBC home page right now, and what do you find? An article with faux hand-wringing about "Clinton's uneasy return" to the Senate. And an article entitled "Newsweek: Lobbyists in Obama's closet too". What a wonderful media we have, where everyone gets dumped on equally.

To the media, fairness is just making sure everyone suffers equally. Nevermind the Memorial Day events happening throughout the country, all that's important is that eyeballs be glued to the TV. Sensationalism sells, and I fear that the election of 2008 will be marked by a return of that Gilded Age classic, yellow journalism.

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