NV-Sen: Jack Carter TV ads

Hi, everyone.  As you know, my Dad is Jack Carter, who's running for US Senate in Nevada.  This week is a big week for us.  Two TV ads just went up in both the Las Vegas and Reno markets.  Those two markets combine to cover 97% of the state's voters, and we're expecting a big boost in name recognition for my Dad.  See the ads (or read the transcripts) after the jump.

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Drug Plans killing Pharmacies

According to The Charlotte Observer small pharmacies are in peril due to low, slow and in some cases no payment.

For 14 years, Randy Spainhour operated Penslow Pharmacy, the only drugstore in Holly Ridge, a one-stoplight town near Topsail Beach in Eastern North Carolina.

Last fall, he helped customers -- "They're my friends, not my customers"-- switch to Medicare prescription drug plans.

But for two months after the program began Jan. 1, he said, he wasn't reimbursed by insurance companies. When checks did arrive, he realized he was losing money. He closed his store in March.

"I could not stay in business," said Spainhour. "They owe me $50,000."

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The Economist Behind the Curtain

The recent failure in the Senate to repeal the estate tax stands as a rare victory for sane fiscal policy.  The NYT editorialized about the event under the heading "What Passes for Good News."

In fact, the Senate vote came alarming close to ending a tax on inheritances of the richest half-a-percent of households, with a majority of Senators (57--but they needed 60 for a repeal) supporting a measure which would have cost the treasury $800 billion over 10 years at a time of ballooning budget deficits and war.

Of course, the politics of the repeal were the focus of most analyses--would the White House be adhered to or get rebuffed on an issue dear to them--but the economics of the tax cut are deeply revealing of the fundamental flaw of economic policy today.

And that flaw is this: we have, over the past three decades, shifted from we're-in-this-together (WITT) economics to you're-on-your-own (YOYO) economics.

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Gay Marriage Ploy: Classic YOYO Fumble

With their focus solidly on the gay marriage amendment and estate tax repeal, the conservative movement is busy rearranging deck chairs on...well, not quite the Titanic, but on a rotting ship of state.

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The YOYO Handcuffs

Here's a test: name one economic policy, other than tax cuts, associated with outgoing Treasury Secretary John Snow.

Give up?

Now think about this: what is the economic policy of the Bush administration? What about the Congress? What about the Democrats?

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