Will Max Baucus let Dick Cheney vote?

The score in the senate is that a single Democratic defection allows Dick Cheney to decide the issue. For Republicans, the number one target to undermine Harry Reid's leadership is Max Baucus. Even the conservative Joe Lieberman Weekly wrote, "What Baucus does is use his influence as the top Democrat on the Finance Committee to systematically undercut his party and enable George W. Bush's most egregious domestic legislation."

Today's Washington Post has a story, Democrats to Push Pocketbook Issues where we see Baucus hinting of siding with big corporations to undermine Harry Reid and screw over working people:

Many in the party want to change Medicare's new drug benefit so the government can negotiate prices directly with pharmaceutical companies. Incoming Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) remains unsure. "We need to be very honest in getting the facts" about whether such a switch would be helpful, he said.

Would lowering prescription drug prices be helpful? For you and I, yes. But Max Baucus is wondering whether triangulating against Democrats will help his re-election campaign.

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Larry Kissell (NC-08) Coffee, Doughnuts and the Medicare Doughnut Hole

Larry Kissell shared coffee and doughnuts with a group of seniors at the Birmingham Pharmacy in Hamlet, NC  to talk about why they're angry about the Medicare prescription drug plan and the consequences of yet another promise broken by Robin Hayes.

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Democracy Requires a Middle Class

There's a battle waging today in America that will decide the future of the Middle Class.

On one side are those like Thomas Jefferson who believe that a free people can govern themselves and have the right to organize their government to create a strong middle class - which will, in turn, keep the government democratic. On the other side are those like Thomas Hobbes who believe that only a small elite can and should govern and that the people should be willing to pay the price of poverty in exchange for security.

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(KS-1) We Have Harmed Those Least Able to Tell Us About It

Our Congress has made life easier for large corporations, many of which pay few taxes and outsource their workers overseas anyway - while simultaneously making life more difficult for the vulnerable, particularly senior citizens that are no longer able to "pull themselves up by their bootstraps."

I am running for the US Congress in 2006 because I am outraged. Our policies are wrong. Our Congress is dangerous and creates harm for the vulnerable among us. It angers me that our current Congress has cut deeply into programs that serve citizens that are the least able to stand up for themselves or speak out on their own behalf.

Medicare now provides health insurance to virtually every American over 65 and millions of younger people with disabilities. Under a Democratic Administration, the life of the Medicare Trust Fund was extended by 25 years. But recent congressional policies and this uncertain economy have undermined the strong progress made in decades past. This year, the life of the Medicare Trust Fund actually was shortened by four years. And Medicare is currently projected to become insolvent in the middle of the retirement of the baby boom generation if things remain the same.

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11 Days to Medicare D-Day on Medicare's B-Day

The countdown continues.


Because today was taken up with on-the-ground organizing, this countdown is going to make it just under the wire.   Unfortunately for many seniors their Part D wire keeps moving as the catastrophic coverage threshold which sets the opposite end of the donut hole rises.   This means that more and more Medicare recipients will be trapped in the donut  hole for longer periods and will have smaller chances of escaping before the whole process starts over again the next year.  

If you live in Bucks County, PA, you can help.

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