Tapping Brokaw to replace Russert is a smart move

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NBC announced today that Tom Brokaw will host the Sunday morning show "Meet the Press" at least through the November election. That was a very shrewd decision.

A former longtime evening news anchor, Brokaw has more than enough stature for the job.

Equally important, Brokaw can help the network repair some of the damage that was done by MSNBC commentators who were biased against Hillary Clinton during the primaries.

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Unify This: Who is Off the Island

Some thing we can agreed to disagree because we are mostly unity. Let's see if are unified behind who we would toss of the Island and out of The Village. (I saw this as a most excellent question w/o poll on Sadly, No and had to bring it here. )

If you could kick one villager off the island who would it be? Now I am assuming that Judith Miller is, for all intents and purposes, off the island. So she is not here. And because alot of people did get furious at Olbermann I am including him, but I expect him to get few votes.

Ideally include a pointer with a comment on why your person deserves to be booted off the island. If you add a comment I will (assuming I can as I have never done so) edit the poll to include the Islander you most love to hate.

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The New York Post smears Governor Paterson

David Paterson (D-NY), Governor of all New Yorkers, is being smeared by The New York Post, which on June 16th had a front-page, anonymously-sourced rumor disguised as news, claiming without evidence that Paterson once called mayor Bloomberg "a liar" and "nasty".

Paterson immediately denied it, yet Murdoch's rag still had the balls to scold Paterson in a second article by the same author, for denying what Mr. Anonymous supposedly said.

Indeed, even Mayor Bloomberg, the alleged target of Paterson's angry discharge, is skeptical about the allegations, reports the New York Sun:

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Obama and McCain to Media: STFU.

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After my beating the drum of the media FAIL for months now - it looks like Barack Obama and John McCain have caught on.

Last week ABC News offered to exclusively air the first of the proposed town hall forums that the candidates agreed, in principle, to have during the general-election campaign.

Ultimately rejecting this offer, both campaigns insisted that any citizen-based town hall event had to be open to all television outlets, be available on the Internet, and not be sponsored or organized by a single news organization.  Further the campaigns stressed that the town hall meeting would not be moderated by the press.  Also interestingly, the forum being proposed for the general election is a Lincoln/Douglas-style event, which would also allow the candidates to address voters unfiltered and keep journalists on the sidelines, where they belong.

As Eric Boehlert over at Media Matters writes,

By smartly swatting down ABC's proposal, the message seemed clear: The campaigns want to get the media off the stage. Journalists are not the collective third candidate in this election, although at times it's obvious they consider themselves to be just as important as political leaders. That runaway narcissism has severely damaged the craft, and the campaigns have wisely decided to give the press a time-out.

Oh snap.

I guess Obama and McCain learned the lessons of press failure 101 in baring witness to the massacring of Hillary Clinton. Smart move.

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Transcript of Matthews' criticism of Russert deleted from MSNBC

On Friday night on Countdown, Chris Matthews became probably the only major pundit to say anything negative (and true) about Tim Russert the week he passed away.

Matthews reminds us (in remarks that can be heard approximately 1 minute 39 seconds into this  video), that Bush's government duped the average "American Patriot" into believing the case for war in Iraq. Russert told Matthews about the "nuclear thing", when trying to justify the war.

The right, including Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, and others, is furious at Matthews', not because he criticized a person who had just died, but because they feel sympathy towards Russert, who unlike Matthews, shared their views back then.

At any rate, MSNBC, which publishes a transcript of all its shows, has nothing about these Matthews' remarks.

This is to me a slap on the face of their viewers and the American people in general. We have the right to have a public record of the opinion of our public figures, and more importantly, a right to know that Russert was partly responsible for the tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands, depending on  the count) of Americans and Iraqi deaths in the conflict in question.

More details here.

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