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From This is Hell:

Do you wanna give 'public radio' Hell? Then go to Public Radio Quest and vote for Chuck Mertz and This is Hell. If you want live, in-depth interviews on stories ignored by the rest of mainstream media with perspectives that are shunned by the rest of the radio noise, from places around the world that are silenced by the mainstream's lack of interest, then vote for Chuck and his This is Hell radio program.

Already, voters in the 'talent search' are writing that he doesn't have 'public radio-osity.' Could there be a better endorsement than that? So, if you want completely unedited, long-form conversations with the voices not heard anywhere else on the radio spectrum, show your support and vote for Chuck Mertz and This is Hell.


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SICKO: Unmasking The Industry Puppeteers

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LithiumCola did a great diary this morning on Michael Moore's SICKO, and an example of some of the kinds of news articles we're seeing, and likely to keep seeing. If you haven't read it already, you oughtta. I agree with almost all of it. But I do have a little problem with this part:

So now begins the spin, the smear, the blinders from the mainstream media.  All provided in an alleged "news" piece about . . . well, about something.  

My problem? The mainstream media's a problem, but it's the wrong target here.  If you want to know how to change the puppet show we call the mainstream media, you have to go after the puppeteers.

Welcome to the wonderful world of corporate public relations.

Let's go back to the LA Times piece and see what we can learn about messing up the health insurance industry's most excellent puppet show.

We start off on the flip.

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CEO's Dole Out Cash to Politicians

Yesterday ran a piece on journalists who had given campaign contributions.  That journalists aren't supposed to give money to campaigns and political parties is old news.  I have no opinion as to whether or not they should be allowed to do so.  What interested me about the article was that it made no mention of campaign contributions from executives of the same of same media outlets. After reading the article the first person I thought of was Rupert Murdoch. How much did he and his fellow CEO's contribute?

If contributions to a political party, PAC, or campaign are an indication of media bias shouldn't funds donated by media executives also be scrutinized? Why doesn't anyone complain about the political contributions of CEO's, executives, even stock holders of media conglomerates?  

Below the fold I've compiled the 2006 contributions of CEO's overseeing the parent companies of TV news outlets. For comparison's sake I also included the contributions of journalists from those same organizations who were singled out in the article. It's a short list that leaves out donations to corporate PAC's. My intention isn't to accuse any organization of bias; however if media bias does exist wouldn't it make just as much sense to start examining it at the top?

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Will They Respond?

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I wanted to update everyone on our new report -- "If It's Sunday, It's Still Conservative." If you haven't had a chance to view it, now is the time. The report documents how the right continues to dominate the Sunday talk shows.

Since the report's release we've seen a great response.  We've had many reputable blogs such as DailyKos, Huffington Post, and MyDD highlight our findings.  We've had Paul Waldman, our report's principal author, on radio shows like The Peter B. Collins Show, The Young Turks, and The Rachel Maddow Show to name a few.

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That librul media is at it again!

What the CIA Leak Case Is About
Trial in Error
Outlook: Libby Trial Participants Indicted by Association
(which has the extra added advantage of bringing back many of Toensing's vicious accusations against President Clinton)
Ted Wells, Center Of the Defense

Total words against coddling those who endanger our covert
operatives: 176 (see below)


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