Thomas Eagleton

A brief history lesson:

In 1972 the Presidential race came down to Nixon and McGovern.  McGovern won the Democratic nomination at the convention and selected Thomas Eagleton to be his Vice Presidential running mate.

According to McGovern, he had asked and been turned down by Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale, Hubert Humphrey, Edmund Muskie and Birch Bayh, before asking Eagleton.

Eagleton, 43 at the time, was not thoroughly vetted before being selected as the running mate.

Only two weeks after being selected, it came to light that Eagleton had been in a mental hospital in the 60's for depression and received electroshock therapy.  It was a devastating revelation.

Shortly after this information came to light, McGovern requested that Eagleton remove himself from the nomination.  Eagleton was quickly replaced with Sargent Shriver but the damage was done.

Nixon went on to beat McGovern by over 23% and an electoral victory of 520 to 17.  McGovern carried Massachusetts and DC.

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McGovern, former Clinton backer, urges her to drop out

From Huff News: /mcgovern-former-clinton-b_n_100593.html

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Obama/Wright '08!

I never thought I'd ever see video more damaging to Sen. Barack Obama's campaign than the first videos of Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ's sermons that emerged in mid-March.  Then I saw these:

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Rev. Wright: The Magical Misery Tour!

Roll up, roll up for the misery tour!  That would be the upcoming media tour by the good Rev. Jeremiah Wright, which will no doubt be bringing misery upon Sen. Barack Obama's electability argument.  Here's a list of some of Rev. Wright's "Greatest Hits" (w/ video excerpts):

"Israel (That Dirty Word Again!)"
"America's Chickens....... are Coming Home..... to Roooooooost"
"God Damn America!"
"The Government LIIIIIIIIED about Pearl Harbor!"
"The U.S. of KKK (A.)"
"Hillary ain't never been called a n***!"
"Fighting for Peace is like Raping for Virginity"
"What We are Doing is the Same Thing Al Qaeda is Doing"
"Monica (The Other White Meat)"

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to those intent on nominating obama

as a supporter of hillary i perfectly understand that she faces an insurmountable deficit in delegates, based on the rules, excluding florida and michigan...i got that.

i understand that given this lead the obama supporters would be livid if they did not prevail at the convention. given that obama is getting over 90% of the black vote, and given the iconic position he holds with black voters, the party poobahs would be loathe to antagonize a loyal group of mostly democratic voters for many years, black people. if not for blacks you could fold up the democratic party in some southern states and just close it down, its kind of sparse.

so, yes, the pressure to nominate obama is heavy, and has the advantage of some good common sense points in favor of that.

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