Moran with the grassroots, McAuliffe with Wall Street...

T-Mac is at it again! On Inauguration night, Terry went fishing for the big bucks with Martha Stewart and other darlings of Wall Street. He also had plenty of time to spend with Ariana Huffington and the Hollywood A-List crowd, as well.  Of course, the netroots is keeping watch over this, which Mcauliffe seems oblivious about  - check out the coverage at Kos

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Michigan Vote: McAuliffe Blames the Other Candidates

Terry McAuliffe, Clinton's campaign director, responded a little while ago to a direct question by Keith Olbermann regarding Hillary's contradictory statements on Michigan.  He declared that it is okay for Hillary to claim votes/delegates from Michigan, in spite of her earlier commitment to discount the election, because the other candidates made a political decision to take their names off the ballot.  (So much for honoring the DNC's request.) So it's their fault, not hers.  Wow!  (Btw, why did she stay on the ballot for an election that she claimed would not count?)

For more, "Hillary and the Genie Do Florida and Michigan: A very short play in one act"

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Terry McAuliffe in 2004: Michigan can't be allowed to break the rules and move their primary.

I learned today from Kos that in 2004 Terry McAuliffe threatened Michigan with not seating at least half their delegates if they moved their primary date without DNC consent.

What follows is taken directly from McAuliffe's own book describing a meeting with Michigan Senator Carl Levin regarding the matter.

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McAuliffe v. Penn

Last night, Hillary advisor Terry McAuliffe informed us that the winner of the popular vote should determine who wins the nomination. Apparently, we should disregard all the caucus states because ... well, just because.

Apparently, McAuliffe didn't read the memo from Hillary advisor Mark Penn:

"By Mark Penn

To: Interested Parties

From: Mark Penn, Chief Strategist

Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Re: The Path to the Nomination

This election will come down to delegates. Votes are still being counted and delegates apportioned, but Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are separated by approximately 40 delegates right now - that is, barely 1% of all the delegates to the Democratic convention.

Change Begins March 4th. Hillary leads in the three largest, delegate rich states remaining: Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. These three states have 492 delegates - 64 percent of the remaining delegates Hillary Clinton needs to win the nomination. According to the latest polls, Hillary leads in Texas (IVR Jan 30-31), Pennsylvania (Franklin & Marshall Jan 8-14) and Ohio (Columbus Dispatch Jan 23-31). After March 4th, over 3000 delegates will be committed, and we project that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will be virtually tied with 611 delegates still to be chosen in Pennsylvania and other remaining states.

...As history shows, the Democratic nomination goes to the candidate who wins the most delegates. th-to-the-nomination/

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O'Reilly preps Wallace for Colbert

On CSPAN'S BookTV coverage of Terry McAuliffe's book release party at which Bill Clinton spoke on 1/22/07, the cameraman catches Bill O'Reilly (who had just been on Colbert) talking to Mike Wallace (about to appear).

O'Reilly appears to be eavesdropping on a conversation Mike Wallace is having, in which Wallace states he is going to be on Colbert. O'Reilly interjects... exchange after the jump...

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