Max Cleland: Pete Domenici Makes Me Sick

Okay, so Max Cleland didn't really say that. What he said was technically past tense, which means he kind of said that, and I do have fun with a good headline.

The Huffington Post reports that the war hero and former Democratic Senator's forthcoming memoir, "Heart of a Patriot," contains some really interesting (and juicy) Hill tales, including:

  • Cleland had mono at the time of the Clinton impeachment vote, and so "wrapped a green scarf around my neck, trying to keep warm. Pete Domenici, the senator from New Mexico, insisted I remove my scarf, as it 'violated the decorum of the Senate.'" As a result, Cleland got far sicker.
  • One of Cleland's aides, Trey Ragsdale, was a former White House intern with high-level White House access. Ragsdale claims that Monica Lewinsky would frequently ask him to take her to the White House mess for snacks, and the president would always swing down for a hello. "He ultimately came to realize he was only being used as a cover to set up meetings between Monica and the president. In effect... to get Monica signed in to the White House without involving anyone on the president's staff."
  • As one might expect, there is lots of well-deserved venom and bile for Saxby Chambliss and even George W. Bush. A sample: "The inauguration of George W. Bush as president ushered in a period I can only describe as unshirted hell."

More about the patriot and war hero at HuffPo - because I've had a long day and would rather sip my bourbon and blog about political gossip than serious-minded Sunday morning talk show policy discussions.

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GA-Sen: Time To Show Jim Martin We Have His Back

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What better day than Veterans' Day to show our support for Jim Martin, a Vietnam Veteran who has the opportunity on Dec. 2nd. to take out Saxby Chambliss, the man who so dishonorably defeated Vietnam veteran and hero Max Cleland for that seat.

This is payback time.

Senate Guru has more on Martin's service:

Martin, who served his country as a Military Intelligence Officer in Vietnam, was a four-year member of ROTC at the University of Georgia and finished as a Distinguished Military Graduate.  He has made veterans' issues a central part of his campaign, and believes Washington has failed to give our veterans and men and women in uniform the respect they deserve.

Chambliss, on the other hand, never served having received 5 student deferments and one medical deferment for bad knees and, in fact, may just be hoping to get deferred right out of this run-off.

It is rumored that in private statements, Saxby has claimed that the knee that allowed him to have six deferments from serving in Vietnam has been acting up again, and not a minute too soon, as the race for what could be the 60th Senate Senate appears closer than ever.

But even more important than whether Chambliss served or not is how he treats veterans as Senator.

His record is not good.

Guru has Chambliss's grades from veterans groups:

Disabled American Veterans
2006 60%
2005 35%
2004 0%

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
2006 D-

Vietnam Veterans of America
2006 57%
2005 33%
2004 0%
2003 50%

And James Boyce at HuffPo weighs in.

Chambliss Voted Against the New GI Bill for Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chambliss Has Voted Against Veterans Programs at Least 23 Times Since Joining the Senate

Chambliss Voted Against Additional Funding to Research Traumatic Brain Injury--thee "Signature Wound" of the Iraq War.

Chambliss Opposed the Webb Amendment Guaranteeing Troops Time At Home Between Deployments

Chambliss Repeatedly Voted Against Additional Funding to Give the Men & Women in Uniform the Armor and Equipment They Need.

All the more important to replace Chambliss with a veteran like Jim Martin. So, please help Martin out today over at our Road To 60 ActBlue page. Our goal: let's get Martin up to 60 donors by Friday.

And if you're in San Francisco, New York or Philadelphia, there are offline blograiser events tonight for Jim (and in Denver tomorrow night.) Paul Hogarth has details HERE.

I know we've all spent a lot of time and money helping our Senate candidates win this year but we still have more to do. We need to elect Jim Martin to the Senate not only to avenge Max Cleland's defeat 6 years ago, but we need to do it for all Veterans, to make sure they have a real champion in the Senate.

Do you have Jim Martin's back?

Update [2008-11-12 2:13:25 by Todd Beeton]:You guys rock. Almost $1000 for Martin, just 35 donors to go until we reach our goal.

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John Kerry For Secretary Of State. Max Cleland For Secretary Of Veterans Affairs

Over the past eight years, our standing in the world has plummeted and while there are many important decisions to made in the coming days, Secretary of the Treasury for example, there are two areas where I have a touch more experience and two men I believe, strongly, are the right men for the job.

Let's start with the position and the man for which there will be more debate.

John Kerry for Secretary of State.

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Max Cleland Writes About His Loss Six Years Ago

Max Cleland is a hero of mine and this morning he wrote about his loss to Saxby Chambliss six years ago. It is a very short post, and here is the ending.

I believe that justice can sometimes be delayed, but it can never be denied. I served my country to the best of my ability and I hope to serve it again. And like Jim Martin, I will serve with character, dignity and grace.

Something I can not say about the man I pray he replaces.

All I can say is that if you live in Georgia, vote for Martin for Max, please.

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It's a Matter of Honor: Jim Martin for Georgia Senate

This year Georgia has the opportunity not only to elect a fine Democrat, Jim Martin, to the Senate, but also to right a wrong committed by Republicans 6 years ago. Jim Martin is running against Republican Saxby Chambliss who ran a sleazy, nasty smear campaign against Vietnam War hero and disabled Veteran Max Cleland. Saxby Chambliss, in comparison to Max Cleland's war record, was given five student deferments and he received a medical deferment for a bad knees due to a football injury. So Chickenhawk Chambliss smeared a genuine war hero, Max Cleland, to win a Senate seat.

Now Democrat Jim Martin, also Vietnam Veteran, is running to defeat Chickenhawk Chambliss. Here is the latest ad from Jim Martin's campaign:

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