Stars Against Palin

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You almost have to laugh watching this much outrage coming out of Hollywood. I've never been one to pay much attention to the sleazy tabloids or the innumerable useless factoids about celebrities, but I have to admit, I'm enjoying the smackdown they're giving Sarah Palin. Since the primaries ended, Hollywood has remained relatively quiet about the presidential race -- until, of course, John McCain decided to put Palin in the spotlight. She is anathema to everything our liberal stars hold dear: her political ideology is positively prehistoric, the sort of positions born of nightmares. So naturally, our stars are reacting accordingly.

Look! Even Ben Stein hates her! She scares him. And apparently feels like he's in a mental hospital. (I know that feeling.)

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Matt Damon on a possible Palin presidency: UPDATED with video

In an interview at the Toronto Film Festival, actor Matt Damon took a couple minutes to give his negative assessment of Governor Palin.

I know, I know, he's 'just a celebrity.' But in the space of about 90 seconds he does a fine job of framing the real danger McCain's pick for VP. He explains how, not only does he know little about her, but how that's unlikely to change in the next eight weeks. He brings up Creationism in a brilliant way, and succinctly summarizes the insanity of choosing a VP who may have wanted to ban books. A Palin presidency in a nutshell: a really bad Disney movie; a terrifying possibility.

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Bad Disney Movie

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I can understand why many Americans don't want to get lectured by Pamela Anderson about animal cruelty, or Chuckabee Norris about immigration reform. They should stick to saving swimmers caught in TV riptides, and kicking ass in TV Texas.

Tonight I watched a video that, while a little snarky, was actually a refreshing take on the potential Commander-in-Chief from Alaska.

LINK to the video

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I'm F_cking Obama (Satire)

This is hilarious for anyone involved with this Democratic primary race. Probably NSFW. ama


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America is ready for Obama. Are you?

America is ready for an Obama presidency.  I put together a very nice video on youtube compiling the numerous celebrity endorsements Obama has recieved to date.

The included endorsements on the video are from Oprah Winfrey, Matt Damon, Robert Deniro, Halle Berry, and George Clooney.  It is amazing to hear these guys firsthand account of Barack Obama's message. 5g

UPDATE: Please feel free to check out all my youtube videos. They are mostly pro-Obama videos covering his early debates with Alan Keyes and a few contrasting his positions with his democratic rival John Edwards. Just type lovingj1 in the youtube search window or just go here

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