Coakley Cruising in Massachusetts

In the race to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley continues to enjoy a sizeable lead over three other opponents according to a recent Western New England College poll. She leads the field of four with support from 37 percent of registered Democrats and unenrolled voters, who are eligible to vote in the December 8th primary. Surprisingly, Boston Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca is in second place with support from 14 percent of Democrats and unenrolled voters, with 13 percent favoring Congressman Mike Capuano and four percent backing Alan Khazei, co-founder of the public service organization City Year. Twenty-six percent said they were undecided or declined to state a preference.

The winner of the primary is likely to face Republican State Senator Scott Brown in the special election scheduled for January 19, 2010. The Western New England College poll also found that Coakley currently leads Brown by 26 points among registered and likely voters.

In other related news today, Massachusetts Democratic Representative Niki Tsongas also endorsed Martha Coakley.

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Coakley Declares; Schilling Ineligible to Run as a Republican

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley officially declared her candidacy for the Senate seat left vacant by the death of Senator Kennedy. The full story in the Boston Globe:

"The urgency of this time is clear and that urgency drives my decision," Coakley said in a press conference. "Today I announce my candidacy for the United States Senate."

The 56-year-old Medford Democrat spoke of her childhood in North Adams and her history of public service: assistant district attorney, federal prosecutor, Middlesex District Attorney, and her current role as state Attorney General.

"And now I hope to bring my experience to Washington," Coakley said. "I want to go to Washington to represent the commonwealth and to make government work for you to remove barriers, provide opportunities, and to renew the promise of our Democracy."

Meanwhile on the GOP front, former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling who floated the idea of running for the seat is ineligible to run as a Republican according to Politico.

Schilling told the New England Cable Network yesterday that he has been contacted by people looking to recruit him into the race and hadn't ruled out the possibility.

But Schilling, who has enthusiastically campaigned for former President Bush and John McCain in past presidential elections, has said that he's a registered Independent voter. Massachusetts election law requires that anyone seeking a party nomination to be enrolled with the party for at least 90 days before the Nov. 3 deadline for filing nomination papers with the state Elections Division.

That doesn't give Schilling enough time to run as a Republican - only as an independent candidate for office.

Pity. It would have been fun to see Schilling self-implode. Massachusetts has an open Senate seat for the first time since 1984 which is just an amazing fact. Then again, West Virginia hasn't had on open Senate seat over that time frame either.

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Weekly Audit: Why Accountability Matters


by Zach Carter, Media Consortium MediaWire Blogger 

With workers all over the globe trudging through a catastrophic recession, it's almost a given that governments will be battling the economic slide for a long time. Part of the effort to rebuild must involve new rules and regulations, but meaningful systems for economic accountability will be just as essential. If we do not hold the reckless executives who caused this crisis accountable for their actions, we risk regressing into similar turmoil in the near future.  

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HRC gets a Superdelegate from Mass.!

The HRC campaign just announced a new SD - Attorney General Martha Coakley of Massachusetts!

Quoting from an email just sent to supporters by HRC:

Massachusetts Attorney General and automatic delegate Martha Coakley announced her support for Hillary Clinton today. The Massachusetts State Democratic Committee elected her one of its automatic delegates to the Democratic National Convention on May 10. Attorney General Coakley's statement follows below:

"I am determined to see a successful Democratic campaign for President in November. I believe that the Democratic primary has demonstrated to the American people that there are two able and hard working candidates, either of whom can win the presidency. Either will be a huge improvement for America over what the Republicans have offered for the last eight years and what they offer now for the next four. I will support whoever is the nominee of the party.

"However, as one of two unpledged delegates elected by the Massachusetts State Committee, I have determined to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. Running for office under any circumstances is arduous and stressful; it is at times exhilarating and at times exhausting. It tests the issues, the families and supporters, and the very core of the candidate.  Running for President of the United States is all of that many times over.

"Regardless of the outcome of the  primary, Mrs. Clinton's energy, stamina, and resolve have changed the course of history  for  women seeking office, including the presidency, and I dare say, have changed the course of history of Presidential politics in the United States. It is for these reasons that I will vote for Hillary Clinton in August at the Nominating

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