Markos Crushes Tom Tancredo on MSNBC

We're still waiting for the video to be clipped, but folks watching MSNBC earlier this hour saw what will undoubtedly be an instant Youtube classic: Markos hitting Tom Tancredo so hard in response to Tancredo's attacks on the Veterans Affairs department that Tancredo scampered off set. Here's what Markos had to say that set Tancredo into flight:

"Tom, I'm a veteran. I did not get a deferment because I was too depressed to fight in... Vietnam."

The video...

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Markos at Netroots Nation

Markos is on a panel right now with Harold Ford, who is chair of the DLC. It's an interesting conversation but I wanted to highlight one thing Markos just said. He used the term "traditional media" instead of "mainstream media" and explained it this way:

I say "traditional media" because we are the mainstream. On issue after issue, we are where the American people reside.

He then spoke about how ridiculous the traditional media is, especially when he is asked about Obama's so-called move to the center. It's clear from what ends up getting written, that what he says goes in one ear and out the other because his response doesn't fit into their "move to the center" narrative. As Markos says regarding Barack Obama's FISA vote:

We weren't mad at Obama for moving to the center, we were mad at him for NOT moving to the center. There was no popular movement in favor of this bill. If you ask most Americans I think they'd tell us that they do not support the government spying on Americans.

That's a really important point.

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Bob Higgins Returns

The diary below was orginally posted in my blog, the Intrepid Liberal Journal.

The progressive blogosphere resembles an extended family. It's remarkable how we interact and become acquainted with personalities from around the globe. Between blogrolls and soapblox community sites we come across so many and relationships form. Yet even as we bond over shared values it's easy to forget that behind our cocksure Internet personas reside flesh and blood human beings.

One such blogger is Bob Higgins. Bob's Worldwide Sawdust blog was surging as of late August. He had established a niche as a poignant and irreverent voice championing working people, justice and peace. There is a lot of talent in the blogosphere but for me Bob is a cut above. Bob is a rare gem that can make you laugh and think simultaneously.

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My Evening With Markos or "And Mah Mitts!"

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Memo To "Top" Bloggers: Don't Squander Your Credibility

Carolyn Kay at writes on her website:

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