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Diary deleted as the story has yet to hit the political bloodstream and hopefully it won't hit the bloodstream. I should have recognized that people would just use the diary to bash HRC instead of determining how to deal with this issue pre-emptively should it become a big "news" story.

Patti Solis Doyle Great Pick for Obama

Al Gore Endorses Barack Obama

I haven't been in a very pleased mood lately, in spite of the fact that the end of the 43-term white male monopoly of the American presidency may be just four months away.  But Al Gore's endorsement of Barack Obama does please me.  It helps neutralize some the venom and bile of Hillary supporters who believed that Hillary should win regardless of how many delegates her opponent won.

Women supporters of Hillary were and are right that women have systematically been condescended to, demeaned, subjugated, exploited and objectified in the United  States.  But, that's not Barack Obama's fault and there's no evidence that he won't do everything in his power to turn that around.  He seems to treat his wife with a lot of respect, particularly compared to John McCain, who called his wife a "c*nt" (sorry) in public, in front of reporters.


Obama chooses Patti Solis Doyle
to lead V.P.'s campaign team.

I'm pleased that Barack Obama has chosen Patti Solis Doyle for a high-level position in his administration.  I wrote last year that Clinton deserved a lot of credit for appointing Solis Doyle, a bright Mexican-American political manager, as her campaign manager, so  I and many other people were disappointed when Clinton blamed Solis Doyle for Clinton Iowa loss and threw Solis Doyle overboard.  As I said on March 31 of 2007,
I've heard some anti-immigrant sentiment recently but I'm not feeling it.  I'm proud that Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, is Mexican-American, second-generation.  Diversity works for the Democratic Party.  Culture Kitchen
Then Clinton fired her.  Go figure!

Now, some Clinton surrogates are saying that the choice of Solis Doyle to lead the V.P.'s campaign, with Solis Doyle having been fired by and estranged from Clinton, means that Hillary will not be Obama's V.P. choice:

Solis Doyle -- who after her firing midway through the primaries is no longer on speaking terms with much of the Clinton inner circle, including the senator herself -- has been tapped to serve as chief of staff to the future vice presidential running mate. Not exactly a signal that Obama is considering Hillary Clinton for the job.  

At least that's how Clinton loyalists see it. "It's a slap in the face," Susie Tompkins Buell, a prominent Clinton backer, said in an interview. "Why would they put somebody that was so clearly ineffective in such a position? It's a message. We get it." She said it was a "calculated decision" by the Obama team to "send a message that she [Clinton] is not being considered for the ticket." WaPost

Well, the choice at least means that if Clinton wants to be V.P., she'll have to mend her bridges with Solis Doyle and work with her hand in glove, even after firing her.  It seems like Obama may have someone else in mind for V.P., perhaps anyone else.

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America's newest sweetheart, Patti Solis Doyle !!!

In response my earlier diary (". . . but don't boo her !!!") /90236#readmore
I received (in addition to about 7 inappropriate and uncalled for tip jar TR's from random visiting kos-ites) comments such as this:

". . . I do NOT believe that sexism caused HRC to lose the nomination.  The cause was a poorly run campaign." 829/90236/76/post#here

Hmmm.  Who ran that "poorly run campaign"?  Why, America's newest sweetheart, Patti Solis Doyle !!!

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It's called Character Assassination

(Cross-posted at the big orange.)

It's about Character Assassination, not physical assassination.

Hillary isn't calling for you to assassinate Obama, she's calling you to THINK and WORRY about it.

She doesn't think he'll be assassinated, as far as she knows.
He's not a Muslim, as far as she knows.
He doesn't have the support of working whites, as far as she knows.

It's just another part of her "waiting for the horse to talk" strategy.

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More Mark Penn Stupidity

I find it somewhat troubling that one of Hillary's main advisors, Mark Penn, has been given such a free ride on why her campaign was run so poorly.  First, the bad planning concerning caucus states, no plan for post-Super Tuesday primaries, the Colombia Trade Agreement fiasco and now we find out Mark Penn thought the primaries were winner-take-all.

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