Callaghan Challenges Capito on Foley/Republican Leadership

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In WV-02, Democratic challenger Mike Callaghan has challenged Shelley Moore Capito to take a stand for Washington pages' families and against the sorry corrupt leadership of the Republican Party. He called for the resignation of Speaker Hastert. Callaghan, a former federal prosecutor, also wants more action to correct this gross negligence in the House. In a letter written today and addressed to Congresswoman Capito, Callaghan asked her and all members of the Page board to step down.

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"A Republican Icon" indeed. (Cheney's coming to town)

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Two days ago I wrote how Rep. Tom Reynolds, head of the RNCC and one of the members directly tied into the Foley scandal, was coming to Sarasota to stump for Republican candidate Vern Buchanan in our district, which is right next to Foley's.

Apparently, Rep. Reynolds figured out the risks of putting himself this close to the action, especially while his own seat is in jeopardy, and at the last minute decided to stay home and hold the Most Disturbing Press Conference Ever.

And without someone like the Predator Protector to come raise money, who's a self-funding multimillionaire candidate going to call?

How about "a Republican icon" like this guy?

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The right's anti-gay army

You knew this would happen. The Republican party, simply unable to defend itself in the face of charges that it coddled and covered up a child predator, had to do something. Its hopes to retain a majority in Congress drowning in a sea of scandal. Its base of faith-based "values voters" up-in-arms over Foleygate's blatant hypocrisy. Its leadership panicked, pointing fingers at each other. All of this appears to have led the Republican Party to one conclusion - their only conclusion. In order to save themselves and prevent widespread collateral damage within their ranks, they would do what they do best: Attack. Not only attack, but also play on their base's worst prejudices. And in doing so, in sending their anti-gay armies into battle, the Republican Party is trying to do what they do to so well, taking what should be a sober debate and injecting it with bigotry. Will it fail? Only time will tell. But what's already discernible is that the party in power remains incapable of looking in the mirror and facing up to its many, many problems. And what's also easily seen is that the Republican Party's default fallback position is hatred.

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Sweep Out Morally Corrupted Republican Congress


Men And Women Of Faith: Sweep Out Morally Corrupted Republican Congress

by Brent Budowsky

It what may be one of the greatest disgraces in Congressional history there are now senior Republicans, including the Speaker's best friend Congressman Lahood, suggesting the page program be abolished.

Think about it: the very idea that there are now Republicans claiming that their Congress is morally incapable of protecting young people only demonstrates how far these people have come from the moral bearing of our democratic nation.

Punish the pages and protect the politicians?


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Foley Met With Boy in San Diego

It was Joe Trippi who the book "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised". Now it looks like the smoking gun will not have fingerprints, but an electronic signature.

Foley, through his attorney claims that he never engaged in any physical contact with a minor, but he may very well be betrayed by his own words.

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