All of Foley's Money

This diary is an attempt to give a complete picture of who gave to Foley and also whom Foley gave to. It only includes those who are currently in elective office.  I think it is incumbent on all members of Congress who want to remain on the right side of this should give all of the money Congressman Foley gave them to a worthy charity.

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Repub Cover Up? - Dems Excluded From Initial Foley Page Inquiry

This scandal keeps getting worse.  After the incident was brought to the leadership's attention, Cong John Shimkus, the Chair of the Page Board, apparently interviewed Mark Foley without Cong Dale Kildee, the lone Dem representative on the board, present.  Clearly the intent was not to really address the problem but instead to sweep it under the rug.  

Additionally, pages were warned about Foley's behavior and told to avoid him.   Rather than getting the guy out of Congress, you tell high students to avoid him.  Unbelievable.

Majority Leader John Boehner, who doesn't get along with Hastert, just shoved him under the bus by saying he inquired about the matter and was told "we're taking care of it." So this is taking care of it?  A private meeting without the full page board in the room instead of launching an inquiry.  It is the responsibility of the leadership to look out for the well being of these pages but I guess keeping loyal votes is more important.  So glad our current Congressional leadership practices the "family values" it preaches.


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Thank Rahm for the FL 16th

Mark Foley's resignation quickly puts this seat into play.This is fabulous news. Rather than a third tier house races, this puts another seat directly into play. In addition, it just reminds everyone of Republican Corruption, in this case the kind the public pretends to hate, but secretly loves. However I think it is important to note at this point that Tim Mahoney was a clear unmistakeable DCCC recruit. Rahm Emanuel did a lot to get him in the race.  This is a situtaion where his good recruiting pays off even more than  even he thought. On the whole you think about  the 55 Republican held seats the DCCC is playing in. I think we need to think about the fabulous job Rahm Emanuel has done.

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FL-16: GOP Rep. Foley Considers Resigns in Face of Scandal

Update (Chris): Foley resigns. This is a huge opportunity for Democrats in FL-16. Tim Mahoney is the Democratic candidate. I am hearing conflicitng information as to whether or not Floey can be replaced on the ballot. If not, that is yet one more House seat Democrats have picked up.

Update 2 (Jonathan): Netroots legal expert Adam B explains in the comments,

My first take? Under Section 100.111(4)(a) of the Florida election code, Foley can be replaced as the nominee, but his name remains on the physical ballot.

And, obvs, any new nominee would have to fundraise from scratch.

Update 3 (Chris): Tim Mahoney has $343K cash as of 8/16. The district has a partisan voting index of +2.4 Republican. Even as an open seat, this district now favors Mahoney. If Adam B is right, Foley can't be removed fromt he ballot, which would end the race today.

Update 4: In the comments, Jonathan seems to have it now:No, if I'm reading it correctly, the ballot remains unchanged (i.e. Foley v. Mahoney) but all Foley votes go to the annointed GOP replacement. If this is the case, it would be extremely difficult to get a majority to vote for Foley, even if the votes actually were goin got someone else. Adam B concurs. This seat is now "lean Dem."

Original post:

Breaking news from the AP's David Espo:

Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., is considering resigning from the House in the wake of questions about e-mails he wrote to a former Capitol page, congressional officials said Friday.

These officials said a decision appeared imminent.

The Los Angeles Times' Noam N. Levey has more on the back story.

Six-term Rep. Mark Foley, a member of the powerful Ways and Means Committee and chairman of the House Entertainment Industry Task Force, is being made to explain a series of e-mails he sent in 2005 in which he asked the page how old he was and requested a photo.

The e-mails, copies of which were obtained by The Times, indicate that the boy, 16, then complained to another congressional staff member, noting: "Maybe it is just me being paranoid, but seriously. This freaked me out."

Florida's 16th congressional district, which Foley currently represents, is potentially competitive, with George W. Bush having won 55 percent of the district's vote in 2004 and just 52 percent in 2000. The Democratic candidate in the district, Tim Mahoney, is fairly well funded, with almost $350,000 in the bank as of the middle of August. So if Foley does resign and can be replaced on the ballot (could someone with election law experience dig into Florida's statute?), this race will definitely become one that the Democrats should watch in the next few weeks -- and perhaps even win come November 7.

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GOP Corrupts Everything It Touches

Although I've picked the hapless and pathetic GOP closet queen from Florida, Mark Foley, as "The Bad," almost any Republican congressman would have fit nicely between Virgil Goode, Jr and Katherine Harris in Adam's slight update of Clint Eastwood's classic THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY. Today's WASHINGTON POST is too polite to mention that the gay-bashing gay caballero is gay himself but they also chose to use Foley as an example. Foley, a total rubber-stamp Republican-- who brags on his own website that he has supported Bush 90% of the time-- made a big hysterical splash for the media and the folks back home (the same way that Long Island loudmouth Peter King and countless other GOP scared-shitless hypocrites did) about how he would not allow Bush to get away with endangering our national security by selling off the ports to Bush family crooked business associates in Dubai. Of course now they're all buying into the fake "compromise" Bush and Frist have worked out which basically calls for a "cooling off" period (so Republicans and their media allies can calm down the public) before the deal can go through. (They already exerted pressure on CNN to shut Lou Dobbs up.)

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