CO-04: DCCC Red Alert: Betsy Markey Needs Our Help

Republican Rep. Marilyn Musgrave is one of the more despicable Republicans in congress, having served as the primary sponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment in the House. What is she still doing representing increasingly blue Colorado? Well, her eastern Colorado district has a PVI of R+9 for one thing. But even with this distinct structural advantage, she barely survived re-election last cycle and this year has gotten an even more spirited challenge from Democrat Betsy Markey who is running an excellent race and is actually polling consistently ahead of Musgrave.

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But now that we're 3 weeks out, the Republican attacks on Markey are escalating and Markey currently doesn't have the resources to match Musgrave ad for ad between now and election day. Speaker Pelosi is asking for our help:

How would you like to defeat a Republican who has spent the past six years trying to write discrimination into our Constitution, privatize Social Security, and block affordable health care for millions of American children? We can do just that in Colorado's 4th District -- but only if we act in the next 72 hours.

Every two years, Republican Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave becomes more and more vulnerable. This year, we have our best chance to finally win this seat behind Democrat Betsy Markey. Recent polls indicate that Betsy has surged ahead, but the race is about to reach a tipping point.

If we don't act now, in just 72 hours, Betsy will no longer be able to afford television ads, just as national Republicans are moving in to help Congresswoman Musgrave stay on the air.

So let's help Markey out to defeat one of the absolute worst Republicans in Congress. Musgrave first won election to the House in 2002 when fear drove the electorate to increase Republicans' majorities; in many ways I feel like 2008 is our chance to avenge 2002. Let's make sure ousting Musgrave is part of that vengeance.

Help out Betsy Markey over at ActBlue.

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A great Dem for Congress, Betsy Markey, CO CD-4 w/video

We have a lot of great opportunities to expand the democratic majority in the house this fall, and a lot of great candidates.

One such candidate is a remarkable woman, Betsy Markey, running for Colorado's CD-4, a seat currently held by Marilyn Musgrave. Representative  Musgrave thought D.O.M.A (Defense of Marriage Act) did not go far enough, and introduced an amendment that would outlaw   benefits to anyone not married, thus effectively ending an individual state's right to grant civil unions.

But besides Musgrave's morality legislation concerns, Betsy Markey is a terrific candidate for this seat, because as someone who has worked both in the private sector and with the State department, she can attack (and does so effectively) Musgrave from a business and fiscal conservative platform as well as from a standpoint of someone who has superior foreign policy experience.

Read more on her ideas and the youtube video...

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CO-04: Dems Rally in Greeley For Angie, "I'll be that Change"

While Bush may have come to Greeley, CO to try to save the seat of Marilyn Musgrave on Saturday, the candidates here in Colorado who can speak before a crowd without the need of a script rallied today, Sunday, in this battleground city of the 4th CD.

Senator Ken Salazar, Gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter and Democratic congressional challenger Angie Paccione took the stage before about 500 enthusiatic citizens to explain why this is such an important election.  When Angie took the microphone to cheers of "Angie!  Angie!  Angie!" She presented the simple, obvious reasons why the Democrats must take back Congress and why Musgrave must go.

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CO-04: Report from Paccione Campaign HQ

I left Washington, DC Friday and flew to Colorado to help out on the Angie Paccione congressional campaign, arriving at campaign HQ in Fort Collins around 9PM. The staff here is psyched and energetic and the field operation has gone full throttle with several hundred volunteers this weekend knocking on doors of both Democrats and Independents making sure that they get to the polls. Just today, Saturday, about 30,000 doors were knocked on by canvassers, with many people telling us they had already voted for Angie through absentee or early voting -- they have a very good early voting system in Colorado. What is great about being in the field is that you can really get a feel for the energy and momentum of a campaign -- and Angie's team has it.

Three members of Congress were here to help rev up the troops -- Diana DeGette (CO), Diane Watson (CA), and Barbara Lee (CA). At the meeting point for canvassers in Longmont, Diane Watson gave a stirring talk about why this election was so critically important just before everyone went to walk their assigned precincts.

A few points I've learned after the jump.

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Paccione (CO-04) within 3 of Musgrave 45-42 New Poll

A new internal poll conducted by the Paccione campaign was released today with Musgrave at 45% and Angie at 42% with Reform Party candidate Eric Eidsness getting 6%.  The polling firm is Strategic Services based in Virginia.

The sample of 600 likely voters actually oversampled Republicans compared to the number of registered GOP identifiers in the CD.  This is very different from the 10 point deficit in the Denver Post/Survey USA poll done earlier this month, and it was taken before Tuesday's debate in which the District could see Angie'senergy and personality.  

There is definitely movement in this race -- and with a 3rd Party candidate who is a former GOPer -- and with him also performing well in the debate, CO-04 is in play.

Polling Memo: s.asp?id=935

Give Angie some love (and $$) at:

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