Downsizing Newspapers and Pretending to Improve Quality

Newspaper owners have already "maximized profits" by low salaries and minimal benefits, giving veteran reporters "involuntary terminations," significantly reduced employee education programs, cut the number of pages, reduced the page size, and increased the use of material provided by syndicates rather than local news staff. And now they wonder why no one wants to read their newspapers.

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The most important person in an Obama administration

The most important person in the Obama administration will not be the Secretary of State, the Secretary of State, the National Security Advisor, or the Attorney General.  I'm confident that with several experienced advisors and key supporters already on board with him, he will be advised to choose a competent Cabinet.

No, the most important person in the Obama administration will not be a Cabinet secretary or formal officeholder requiring Senate confirmation.  It will be his chief of staff.

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Note to Managers

Please take the damn youtube ads off the front page.  Everytime I come here to post, the ads overtake the main page and my monitor.  And I am getting tired of this nonsense.  In this instance, the 'brand ad reproduced itself twice while I was on the Home page.

And if not, I will discontinue my membership, go somewhere else, and where I don't encounter these type of 'problems'.

As a suggestion,create a 'page' where all the ads can be viewed by those that want to view or even critique such ads.

And if not, it's Mydd's loss.

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