George H.W. Bush Rips Maddow, Olbermann: They Are
"Sick Puppies"

I thought that Bush 41 had more class. Olbermann can be a bit harsh, but Rachel,while incisive, is fair and has a
charming light touch.


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Why won't Clinton denounce this

I do not see another diary on this, so thought I would throw up a quick one. If someone else beat me to it and this is a repeat, I apologize.

The North Carolina Republican party is running an attack ad against  Senator Obama and two North Carolina candidates for governor, Bev Purdue and Richard Moore.

The ad can be seen here: ZQ

See what Olbermann and Rachel Maddow have to say about this here: B0

Senator McCain has denounced the ad.  The National Republican Party has denounced the ad.  

So Why hasn't Senator Clinton denounced the ad?  It is inexcusable and very telling.

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Simple explanation for media behavior

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on
his not understanding it. -- Upton Sinclair

Much has been made of Keith Olbermann's recent slide into virulent anti-Clinton spin. Is he a misogynist? closet righty? Obamaniac? Acting on double-secret marching orders from the VWRC? It seems to me there is a much simpler explanation - straightforward careerism.

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