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Over the weekend as total chaos broke out in Iran one wouldn't have known anything about it if they weren't on the tubes. As E.D Kain writes,

if I wasn't online, an avid blogger and reader of blogs, and if I didn't frequent the New York Times, I wouldn't know a damn thing about the phenomenon in Iran.  It would feel like just any other story from the "crazy Middle East." I wouldn't have seen images of the streets of green-clad protestors.  I wouldn't have seen the beatings or the fires or read the twitter feeds or the first hand accounts.  I wouldn't have seen the youtube videos.  And lest it be forgotten, the news most people receive if they receive any at all is from their televisions.

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Politics vs. Justice: Spotlighting The Holder Confirmation Hearings

Politics vs. Justice: Spotlighting The Holder Confirmation Hearings
by buhdydharma at Docudharma, Wed Jan 14, 2009
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First let me say that we want Eric Holder confirmed as Attorney General. We want him confirmed because of statements like this...

Washington, D.C. -- Eric H. Holder Jr., Deputy Attorney General during the Clinton administration, asserted in a speech to the American Constitution Society (ACS) that the United States must reverse "the disastrous course" set by the Bush administration in the struggle against terrorism by closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, declaring without qualification that the U.S. does not torture people, ending the practice of transferring individuals involuntarily to countries that engage in torture and ceasing warrantless domestic surveillance.

"Our needlessly abusive and unlawful practices in the 'War on Terror' have diminished our standing in the world community and made us less, rather than more, safe," Holder told a packed room at the ACS 2008 Convention on Friday evening. "For the sake of our safety and security, and because it is the right thing to do, the next president must move immediately to reclaim America's standing in the world as a nation that cherishes and protects individual freedom and basic human rights."

We want the man who said those words to be our next Attorney General. Because in truth and in a logical world the best way, perhaps the only way, to "reclaim America's standing in the world as a nation that cherishes and protects individual freedom and basic human rights".....is to investigate and then prosecute those who have criminally destroyed that standing. They destroyed it by using torture.

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Fineman: McCain=War Hero, Obama=Untrustworthy Elitist

The mainstream media has been inadequate, inept, and at times, downright awful in their coverage of this election, so I guess this shouldn't have come as such a huge shock to me, but it did...

I clicked on Howard Fineman's recent "analysis" piece on MSNBC, "McCain's last chance, or a chance to shine?" interested in reading his take on the upcoming debate between the two presidential candidates.  I was reading along trying to work my way through the fluff to something that would resemble a logical, intellectual political analysis.  About half way in, my jaw hit the floor.

McCain is like that trick birthday candle: you keep blowing it out but it keeps springing back to life.

I think I know the reason why this is so. There is something about what McCain represents -- a soldier willing to die for his country.

Voters are understandably reluctant to be seen as rejecting that ideal, or treating it with disrespect, especially in the eyes of a doubting world.

Obama is another reason why McCain cannot be counted out, no matter what the tracking polls and Electoral College summaries are saying. There remains something about the senator from Illinois -- the big-city, Ivy League, I-know-what's-good-for-you smoothie -- that makes many swing voters reluctant to accept him, even if you edit race out of the equation, which of course, you cannot.

I simply having a hard time digesting this ridiculous, pathetic excuse for political analysis.  In the lackluster and often horrendously ineffectual coverage of this campaign, much of what spews forth from Beltway insiders seems rather unexceptional.  But this shamefully unfair framing of the two candidates brings a whole new meaning to "Swinging on the Tire."

Well, I for one, decided to email my Mr. Fineman and share with him my thoughts.

My email, below the fold...

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MSNBC/AP bury story re: Todd Palin's Troopergate testimony

Yesterday, we took a peek at MSNBC's failure to properly report data about Joe Biden beating Sarah Palin by 26 points in favorability ratings after Thursday's debate.  Today, MSNBC continues to mislead by posting an AP article with the headline:
Todd Palin will talk to Troopergate investigator
Probe examining whether Alaska governor improperly fired commissioner
Sadly, a more accurate headline would read:
Todd Palin still refuses to testify in Troopergate probe
Will only speak to second probe run by political appointees answering to Gov. Sarah Palin

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Charade Exposed! Palin gets question, looks to McCain

This is what happens when campaigns let reporters into photo ops.  They get all uppity and ask questions.

From the pool report account of what happened after McCain and Palin's meeting with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvilli and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko:

McCain then looked around the room and gestured as if to welcome questions. The AP reporter shouted a question at Gov. Palin ("Governor, what have you learned from your meetings?") but McCain aide Brooke Buchanan intervened and shepherded everybody out of the room.

Palin looked surprised, leaned over to McCain and asked him a question, to which your pooler thinks he shook his head as if to say "No."


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