Happy Al Franken Day!

It has been a long journey that has taken a great number of twists and turns, but today Al Franken will be sworn in as United States Senator from the state of Minnesota. This news is particularly exciting given that, as Franken said to MyDD two years ago, he is one of us.

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Jonathan Singer: Final question, kind of getting back to the politics. What's the message that you'd like to send to the progressive blogosphere, if there's one? Is there something you'd like to hammer home to the netroots today?

Al Franken: I'm one of you. Air America is certainly something that was attempting to counter the incredible right wing dominance of the dialogue in this country and we tended to have people from the netroots on our show.

So I kind of think I'm one of you. I might be a little too old. But certainly my staff - I'm tooling around, too - but my staff is on top of it. And that's just as far as a mode of communicating. But I think that if you go to my website and follow the stuff I'm talking about you can see where I am politically and I think you'd agree with an overwhelming majority of it. You might disagree with some of the things I say, but I would urge them to go on this thing called the internet. And go to AlFranken.com and look at stuff. Did you know you can stream video on the internet?

Singer: I've heard that.

Franken: Well, we have video.


So to everyone on this site I wish a happy Al Franken day!

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Final reflections on Franken vs. Coleman

It's a relief to close the book on the 2008 elections now that Al Franken will finally be able to take up the Senate seat he won last November.

Talking Points Memo posted their Top 10 moments from the mostly infuriating, sometimes comical Franken-Coleman saga.

We can laugh at Coleman's pretzel logic during the legal proceedings, but unfortunately, his gamesmanship deprived Minnesota of full representation in the Senate for half a year. In all likelihood Franken will be stuck with less-than-stellar committee assignments. Also, the delay did lasting damage to Franken's seniority. Had he been sworn in on time, he would have outranked several fellow Senate Democrats, which could become important one or two terms down the road.

Nevertheless, I have high hopes for Senator Franken and look forward to his work in Washington.

P.S.- I still don't understand why so many Minnesotans voted for Dean Barkley.

P.P.S.- Rush Limbaugh is still a big fat idiot.

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Congratulations, Senator-elect Franken!

We've been waiting a long time for this, but let me be among the first to say, Congratulations, Senator-elect Franken and welcome to the Senate! I am thrilled that very soon you will become our 60th Democratic Senator.

While I'm excited to have you in the Senate after months of delay, I don't think anyone is more excited than the people of Minnesota. Minnesota deserves to have full representation in the Senate and now they will have another strong voice advocating on their behalf.

Your arrival, of course, also means that I am no longer the newest Senator. That honor will now go to you.

But most important of all, your arrival means that President Obama will have another champion for his agenda in the Senate. We have a lot to do, from ensuring that those without health insurance have access to a public option to compete with private plans to fighting climate change and restoring oversight and accountability to our financial system. Having one more voice and one more vote is going to mean we're that much closer to achieving the change that America voted for in November.

I also wanted to thank the MyDD community for all you have done to help elect Democrats, including delivering Senator-elect Franken to us in the Senate.

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Senator Al Franken

Norm Coleman concedes following unanimous Minnesota Supreme Court ruling favoring Al Franken. Congratulations Senator Al Franken.

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Light at the end of the tunnel for Franken?

Nearly eight months after a plurality of Minnesota voters chose Al Franken, the state may finally be close to getting full representation in the U.S. Senate:

[Minnesota Governor Tim] Pawlenty told CNN that he would abide by whatever ruling the Minnesota Supreme Court makes in the contest, where Democrat Al Franken appears to have an upper hand.

"I'm prepared to sign [the certification] as soon as they give the green light," Pawlenty said. "I'm not going to defy an order of the Minnesota Supreme Court. That would be a dereliction of my duty."

It's not clear when the state Supreme Court will issue a ruling. Rumors on June 18 that a decision was imminent proved false.

Whenever the decision comes down, it is almost certain to be in favor of Al Franken. Expect howling from the same people who agreed with the U.S. Supreme Court on December 12, 2000, that certifying the winner quickly was more important than counting all the votes cast.

Sore loser Norm Coleman may file suit in federal court, but Pawlenty indicated on CNN that he would sign a certificate without waiting for Coleman to exhaust the federal appeals process.

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