Reid, Pelosi Ought To Let The Sunshine In

Created in 1979, the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (or C-SPAN as it is more popularly known) is a must for concerned citizens wanting to keep tabs on what lawmakers are doing in Washington. Since its inception three decades ago, countless hours of congressional hearings, political conventions and rallies, debates, and other public affairs events have appeared on the C-SPAN networks in a pure, uncut and unfiltered manner.

Recently, C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb sent a letter to Democratic and Republican congressional leaders requesting that C-SPAN's cameras be allowed into the final negotiations of the 2,000-page, multi-billion dollar health care bill.

Lamb's letter, which was sent to most media outlets including the blogs, said that reforming the nation's health care system affects every American and as such should be televised in order to further facilitate a transparent discussion on health care reform.

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I'm Feeling A Little Uppity...

...To tell you the truth, I'm having a good laugh at the distinguished Georgia Congressman from the 3rd district sitting in a rocking chair on his front porch down in Sharpsburg sipping on some ice cold lemonade as he leans over to his lovely wife Joan and says to her in that southern accent of his, "I remember when our coloreds were law-abiding.  Now they got some rights and they're starting to think they can date our women and be President."

Then as Lynn Westmoreland leans back in his chair, he clasps his hands over his belly, shakes his head and asks, "What is this world coming to?"

Of course, that whole scenario I just described above is fictional, but there's no denying the fact that Congressman Lynn Westmoreland continues to stand by his choice of words, "uppity," used to describe Barack and Michelle Obama.

Even today, Westmoreland says, "I've never heard that term ['uppity'] used in a racially derogatory sense. It is important to note that the dictionary definition of `uppity' is `affecting an air of inflated self-esteem --- snobbish.' That's what we meant by uppity when we used it in the mill village where I grew up." [Source:  Atlanta Journal Constitution "Republican defends use of `uppity'", September 5, 2008]

Well, you know, since I'm feeling a little uppity today, let me pull out the Urban Dictionary and cite just one definition of the word "uppity" when combined with the word "negro."

Uppity Negro:

  • Main Entry: up·pi·ty ne·gro
  • Pronunciation: 'up + -ity 'nE-(")grO
  • Function: proper noun
A fearless black person who by social definition is "not in their place."

Here's another definition:

"An out of place black person who is out of line and thinks they are as good as or better than the white person they are standing next to."

You know, as a black person, I'm not mad at Lynn Westmoreland.  Instead, I'm having a good laugh at the expense of this ignorant member of Congress and hoping that his Democratic opponent, Stephen Camp, cleans his clock in November.

Now let me continue with my uppity ways and get me some grape juice...

...Yeah, that's right.  I know all about juice too.  I learned about it from Dave Chappelle and now I'm going to spread the word to a few other uppity negroes.

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Ignorant, Racist Wanker Doubles Down, Defends "Uppity"

I feel like I've entered the twilight zone. This racist tool is actually defending his "uppity" remarks under the guise that he's never heard it used in a "racially deragotary sense." From his own filthy mouth:

Westmoreland, who is contemplating a 2010 run for governor, released the following statement:

"I've never heard that term used in a racially derogatory sense. It is important to note that the dictionary definition of `uppity' is `affecting an air of inflated self-esteem --- snobbish.' That's what we meant by uppity when we used it in the mill village where I grew up."

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Uppity Bait

The uppity story today started off shocking, then got sort of strange, and finally ended up as an interesting insight into something that it did not initially seem to be about.

1. Shocking:  Holy shit! A republican congressman from Georgia just called the Obamas "uppity"??  This is going to be huge!  This is going to sink the republican party!

2. Strange:  Huh, a republican congressman from Georgia just called the Obamas "uppity"?  A congressman made that kind of impossible, too-good-to-be-true gaffe?  huh, and then he said he didn't know it was a racist slur?  He's from Georgia and he doesn't know what uppity means?  Huh, the Obama camp is accepting his explanation on the race issue and giving him a free pass, with a gentle response about McCain and his eight houses..?

3. Interesting:  Oooooohhh... a trial balloon. The republicans send out a congressman from Georgia to make a too-good-to-be-true racial slur. Probably won't hurt him too much in his district anyway -- he's not exactly courting the progressive vote.  But maybe the Obamas will take the bait and start screaming about how offended they are, and how indignant, and victimized, and how, you know, black they are.  Maybe it will be a real jackpot and Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson will issue a statement.  But the Obamas just play it cool and pretend it never happened.  Well, of course they do.  They aren't going to make it that easy for Karl Rove.    

So a little kabuki dance gets played out in the media, a test of the Obama campaign's discipline on the race issue, which they saw coming from ten blocks away.  That was bush league -- next one will surely be more artful.  

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 If you'd like to see grassroots politics in action, look to Georgia Congressional District 3. Political rookie Mike McGraw is running a campaign on a shoestring against well-heeled incumbent Lynn Westmoreland. His fiscally conservative, socially moderate platform has struck a chord, especially with independent voters and disgruntled "old-school" conservatives.   Westmoreland has given him plenty of ammunition by stuffing his own pockets with lobby money. Lately he has incurred the wrath of Fayette County citizens by basically ignoring the chemical spill at the PSC plant, claiming that it is a matter for state and local government to handle. McGraw, new to politics, has zero support from the National Democratic Party, which is a definite plus in his district. People from all walks of life are spreading the word about McGraw, some on the Internet, but mostly door-to-door.   These unpaid volunteers are enthusiastic about the chances for an upset on Nov.7. A McGraw win will send a message that even hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars from DeLay and Armitage can't save a bad apple from being culled.

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