Hezbollah loses in Lebanon

Great news for everyone interested in the Middle East peace process! In Lebanon during today's elections, terrorist group Hezbollah has lost, and the pro-Western coalition has won.

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Hezbollah anti-aircraft guns justify Israel invasion/war?

For those on the lookout for dangerous-for-peace propaganda, here's a very effective example spotted today by aristeides over at WWL (bold and commentary added by aristeides):

Israel fears Hezbollah anti-aircraft missiles could spark war 
May 26, 2009

The defense establishment is concerned that Hezbollah will try to smuggle advanced anti-aircraft missiles into Lebanon in the near future - yet another reason for the rising tension on the Israel-Lebanon border. Israel has made it clear in past statements that it will consider such a development as crossing a red line, which might necessitate preventative measures.

It is believed that Hezbollah would like to deploy SA-8 batteries in Lebanon. Such weapons could pose a threat to Israel Air Force jets flying over the country. In recent years, the IAF has conducted regular flights over Lebanon, part of reconnaissance and intelligence missions linked to assessing Hezbollah's military capabilities. In threatening the IAF, the Shi'ite group is hoping to alter Lebanon's military balance of power vis-a-vis Israel.

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A Deepening of Democracy in the Islamic World

Though few would have ever predicted it at the time in the last quarter of the 20th century, there was a great march towards democratic governance the world over. This great march began in of all places in Portugal on 25 April 1974 in a nearly bloodless military coup that overthrew the Estado Novo, a 48 year old fascist dictatorship. The events of that Spring in Lisbon are now remembered as the Revolução dos Cravos, the Carnation Revolution. The coup began in the early morning with playing of two songs on Lisbon radio: first spun was E Depois do Adeus, Portugal's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 sung by Paulo de Carvalho, to signal the start and José Alfonso's banned song Grandola Vila Morena to signal its success. In the wake of the coup by junior military officers tired of endless and unwinnable wars in Africa and Timor Leste, the citizens of Lisbon came out into the streets and placed carnations into the barrels of their rather nervous army. Though it would take Portugal another five months to unwind itself of its Empire and the country would struggle through some political instability, the country would make the transition from an authoritarian dictatorship to a liberal democracy at the end of a two-year process of a communist-dominated military administration.

Portugal was followed by the fall of the Greek Junta in July 1974 and following the death of Generalísimo Francisco Franco in November 1975 Spain would begin its transition to a liberal democracy. Few were sanguine for the prospects for democracy in southern Europe. The British historian James Cleugh would write that "Spain is not, and will never be, a 'democratic' country." James Mitchner, the American author, predicted that after Franco would come another Iberian tyrant. And as for Greece, observers, then and now, wondered if the passion of Greeks for killing one another has really ceased.

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The S**T has hit the fan in the Gaza

Sorry to interrupt the campaign bickering but there is something serious going down in the Gaza. The Saudi's, Bahrani's and Kuwaiti's just ordered their nationals out of Lebanon, with the Saudi's saying women and children should be out in 48 hours.

Don't pack your shit, fuck taking the dog, just run.

(Reuters) - Saudi Arabia has advised its citizens in Lebanon, especially families living there, to leave immediately due to the security situation, a Lebanese government source said on Saturday.

The source said the Lebanese government had confirmed the news with the Saudi embassy after several Saudi nationals said they received a text message with the advice.

(Folks, they wouldn't do this unless their intel picked up something really ugly.)

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Is Dennis Kucinich Getting McKinney'd


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