Pimp Daddy McCain embraces Daddy Yankee

During the excitement of Teddy, and Michelle's speeches yesterday and todays upcoming speech by Hillary, folks have been letting John McCain off the hook.  He committed another major gaffe in Arizona.

Another reason it may slip past many readers, is because it requires that you speak Spanish, and pay attention to Latino pop culture stars, in this case a reggaeton artist named Daddy Yankee.

Though McCain's endorsement by Daddy Yankee has been mentioned in the TM, few of those reporting the story understand Spanish, so much of the impact of this has been lost, except in some of the comments, which few people bother to read.

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And the Dumbest Ad in Political History is.....

Okay, seriously, is a latin beat necessary every time you speak to Latinos?  Do we need some "gangsta shit" whenever Republicans talk to African Americans?

Jesucristo!  Can John McCain run an ad on the issues?  I mean, seriously?  This is a clean campaign?

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Waking the Giant: Making the Latino Vote Count in 2008

Cross-posted at Project Vote's blog, Voting Matters

Weekly Voting Rights News Update

By Erin Ferns and Nathan Henderson-James

Massive voter registration drives, recent passionate immigration debates, and the contested presidential primaries are finally bringing one of the nation's fastest growing populations into the democratic process, despite decades of low voter participation rates and recent voting rights attacks based on anti-immigrant rhetoric. Recognizing their rapidly increasing voting power - which is catching up with their "raw demographic power,"
particularly in the closely contested states of Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada - both presidential candidates are actively pursuing Latino voters. However, advocates caution a powerful lesson must be learned from voter suppression schemes executed in recent elections in order to ensure this former "sleeping giant" of electoral participation will have access to the polls in November, and most importantly, have their votes counted.

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New National Poll: Latinos 3-1 for Obama

Good news for Barack Obama and very bad news for John McCain.
Contrary to polls discussed during the primary season, it looks like McCain's purported strength among Latinos/Hispanics was an illusion.  

National Poll Shows That Latino Voters Favor Obama Over McCain
June 16, 2008

Latino voters favor Obama over McCain, according to Latino Decisions Poll.

A new national survey of Latino voters shows Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with a nearly 3-to-1 advantage over his rival, Republican John McCain.

http://www.pacificmarketresearch.com/ld/ poll_national.html

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HISPANICS: who cares more?


Why should the Democratic Nominee care?

I decided to make a diary solely based on recognizing, and examining some factsheets and statistics out there concerning my all time favorite demographic: HISPANICS. Low and behold, the Hispanic Pew Center does some amazing work and I reference their work for the purpose of trying to help bring more attention to the Hispanic/Latino community. (Hispanic and Latino will be used interchangeably)

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