Weekly Immigration Wire: A Cry for Change from Coast to Coast

by Nezua Media Consortium Media Wires Blogger

All over the nation, communities are clamoring to be heard. In this worsening economic landscape, migrant communities are being terrorized by violent raids, families are destabilized, wage earners are jailed or detained, and xenophobic pundits continue to fuel a rising wave of hate crimes against Latinos. The stakes could not be any higher: Now is the time to make our voices heard, especially after being ignored for so long by those with the power to make a difference.

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Weekly Immigration Wire: From Brooklyn Streets to Hollywood Blvd, Responses to Growing Tension

By Nezua Media Consortium Mediawire Blogger

We are living in unsure times, filled with drastic transitions that shift our perspectives from day to day. In one sense, immigration is about groups of people shifting in size and moving from place to place. It is also about the formation of new groups, how we live through the transitions, and who we are on the other side. For this week's Immigration Wire, I'd like to look at how different social groups are dealing with issues related to immigration--and all of its accompanying cultural shifts.

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Weekly Immigration Wire: Harvesting Hate in Hard Economic Times

By Nezua, The Media Consortium MediaWire Blogger

Hate does not emerge in a vacuum writes the editorial staff of El Diario/La Prensa [translated by New America Media]. Nor could it thrive there, we might add. While many collude to bring about positive change, they face opposition from others who have coalesced to propagate negativity on a large scale. As of late, it is the Latino community catching the hate that has been unleashed upon the immigrant community. El Diaro/La Prensa gives the gruesome details:

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Crush their Spirits: Poll Arizona!

Last week, Markos argued that now's the time to press our advantage and "crush the spirits" of the conservative movement by delivering "a defeat worse than they ever imagined." I humbly suggest that as part of the program, it's time to poll Arizona and prove the theory that McCain's home state only supports him by single digits. It's time to move Arizona from "likely" to "lean," give a leg up to Democratic challenger Bob Lord in AZ-03, and saddle the McCain campaign yet another embarrassment to spin in the waning days of the election.

And, who knows, the results of an Arizona poll might just surprise even us...

Back in August, the Mason-Dixon poll made headlines by showing McCain up only six points in Arizona.  But post-RNC, three polls gave McCain double digit leads, with an ASU outlier from 9/25-28/09 giving McCain a seven point edge [Pollster].

But the state hasn't been polled since September 29.  And just to refresh, here's a bit of what's happened since then:

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Jorge Ramos pins down McCain on Univision

I realize that most of you don't watch Spanish television. But millions of Spanish-speaking and bi-lingual (Spanish-English) Americans do.  

A few hours after the conclusion of the Republican convention, John McCain did a long interview with Univision's reporter and co-anchor Jorge Ramos:

Mr. Ramos,is the Miami-based co-anchorman for the main evening news program of Univision Communications Inc., the dominant Spanish-language network in the U.S. He says Anglos "don't even know how to pronounce my name," but he has an Emmy award for his journalism and a salary in the high six figures. When he and co-anchor Maria Elena Salinas deliver the 6:30 evening newscast, they reach an average audience of 1,057,000 viewers in the 18-to-49 age group that advertisers prize. This is almost 10 times the audience of CNN's "Moneyline Newshour" in the same time slot, according to Nielsen Media Research.

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