Blackosphere & Whitosphere: Silence is Never Golden

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Matt Stoller of MyDD opened a compelling dialogue a few days ago by asking whether it was necessary for Blacks and whites (and I would add women and other sociological minorities) to frequent the same blogs in order for the Democratic Party to maximize Party chances for electoral success.  

Matt said,

Now first I'm going to address this community about our culture.  Most MyDD readers are comfortable within what I call 'Jewish political culture', which is a very individualistic, progressive style of argumentative discourse . . .  There are lots of other cultures out there, and lots of other ways of thinking about the world.  These represent themselves online, but they don't necessarily represent themselves here.  Does it matter that they don't?  Maybe.  Maybe not. 12/293#commenttop

Because the phrase "divide and conquer" is such a fundamental part of our political parlance,  it ought not be necessary to argue, as I do, that a political party whose communication is divided by a color line will necessarily be less successful than a party that communicates across lines of color. So, the short to Matt's question is, "Yes, blog apartheid within the Democratic Party does reduce Democrats' chances for electoral success.

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Jewish Voters, Latinos Boost Support for Dems in a BIG Way

JTA has put out the following release:

Jews voted for Democrats in their highest numbers in 14 years, an exit poll showed.
Democrats garnered 87 percent of Jewish votes, the CNN exit poll by Edison Media Research said, while Republicans earned 10 percent.

That was opposed to 55 percent of all respondents who voted Democrat and 44 who voted Republican. About 200 of the 10,207 respondents were Jewish.

Jews led all religions in voting for Democrats.

Jewish voters were not the only group to significantly boost their support for Democrats yesterday. According to national exit polling on the House, Latino voters supported Democratic congressional candidates by 16 percent more than they did John Kerry in 2004. Those without a high school diploma upped their support by 15 points over the past two years (from 53 percent to 69 percent). In both big cities and rural areas around the country, voters supported Democratic candidates by 8 points more than they backed Kerry. Across the board, Democrats made big gains yesterday as Americans of almost every political stripe and demographic background voted Democratic more than they had in 2004 -- and in fact any recent election. So not only was this a deep victory for the Democratic Party and Democratic ideals, it was also a very broad victory, perhaps one that even portends greater or more permanent shifts in the electorate to come.

Update (Chris): Check out the full the national House exit poll online. Fascinating stuff.

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Latino Poll Shows Dems Hurt By Immigration Debate

The conventional wisdom is that Republican immigrant bashing is so obviously racially charged that the Latino vote will simply fall into the lap of the Democrats without much effort.  A recent Pew Charitable Trust poll of 2000 Latinos nationwide, reported in the Associated Press, the Denver Post and elsewhere, shows something different and frightening:  The Democrats' weak response to the Republicans is actually reducing Latinos' connection to the party.

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Arnold forms Latino group

To counter negative perceptions he has gained from the Latino communities, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) is trying to boost his support among Hispanics by announcing today the formation of Hispanic Families for Arnold...[excerpt] id/6590

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Racism in Florida

It's always good when Florida makes it to the national news.  Oh wait, no it isn't, it pretty much always sucks.  There are a lot of great things about Florida, but it is stuff like this (and the Dollars and Jessica Lunsford) that make the news:

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