VIDEO: "Larry Johnson Interviews Harriet Christian"

That's the headline currently posted on a well-known blog on the Internet right now.

I'm not going to link you to the Web site, because it doesn't deserve the traffic.

I'm not going to post the video, because I don't want the video to get hits.

I don't even have anything particularly insightful to share about this.

I just really enjoy that headline for some reason.  And the accompanying mental picture.

Hope you're having a great summer's night, everyone.  Free mojo for all to celebrate this flagrant disregard for diary standards.

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Fun With Video (without actual video footage)

Well, the moment of truth arrived today. Larry Johnson's bombshell that would blow the race WIDE OPEN. He said awhile back ago that a video of Michelle Obama saying "whitey" was in the clammy, fungus-covered fingers of the GOP. Then a couple of days ago, he said that he had another bombshell that would BLOW THE RACE WIDE OPEN: FILE NOT FOUND

OK, I guess he wasn't actually in possession of the tape, but he had some details that would BLOW THE RACE WIDE OPEN and he would reveal them today at 9AM.

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The Truth About the Michelle Obama Tape

Booman at the Boom Tribune reports on the so-called smear tape of Michelle Obama, being peddled by Larry Johnson, one of Hillary Clinton's strongest supporters:

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Larry Johnson's (aka Flowbee) magical "whitey" tape and Vanity Fair Updated!


Larry Johnson has to tell NQ inmates to stop posting death threats against Obama

by Bob Johnson (crossposted from DailyKos with Bob's permission)

NOTE: I'm crossposting Bob's diary because, as a Clinton supporter, I believe the hateful environment fostered at sites like NoQuarter has harmed Hillary's campaign. It certainly hasn't helped. This sort of racist, divisive, and sometimes violent rhetoric is appalling, not only because it's shocking and disturbing in and of itself, but because it also reflects poorly on a woman I respect and admire. I firmly believe that Hillary would frown upon this kind of behavior - this is not the way she wants to be represented. Bob's diary is below the fold.

- sricki

Bob Johnson's diary :: ::

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