Clintons Are Hypocritical In New Hampshire

In New Hampshire Hillary and Bill Clinton said you won't hear any negative comments about Hillary's rivals from them.  At the same time Hillary and Bill Clinton was saying this, Hillary was behind the scenes trying to get the Steelworkers Labor Union to not endorse John Edwards.  Hillary Clinton called numerous times over the weekend to pressure the steelworkers union president to not endorse John Edwards.

"Meanwhile, it emerged yesterday that as the senator from New York was publicly pressing the flesh with New Hampshire voters this weekend, behind-the-scenes she was pressuring a top labor leader not to endorse John Edwards."

"Clinton phoned United Steelworkers of America boss Leo Gerard "repeatedly" over the weekend, according to sources familiar with the situation. The union, which represents 1.2 million workers and retirees, endorsed Edwards on Labor Day." ndex.cfm/category/Labor

My analysis"

I believe that the Clintons are becoming holier-than-thou like Obama.  They say one thing in public and another behind closed doors. Hillary Clinton claiming to be a change candidate is looking very slim.  It looks like Hillary has not changed much at all.  If this is the change she is talking about american voters are in for the same staus quo in Washington.

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"Patent Reform" : Elmendorf Dems vs Labor & Inventors

This is an important issue that I don't think has been diaried about yet, re labor's opposition to the "Patent Reform Act of 2007" (aka "Infringers Protection" act), and a call for action to support labor and oppose this legislation.

This also out last Thursday in InfoWorld:

Opponents of legislation that would overhaul the U.S. patent system have enlisted new allies who may cause majority Democrats in Congress to rethink their support of the proposals.

Since late July, three labor unions -- the AFL-CIO, the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE), and the United Steelworkers -- have sent letters to lawmakers saying they oppose two current patent reform bills. Patent reform opponents say they hope their alliance with organized labor, which has a long history of supporting Democrats, will stall the legislation.

Steve Elmendorf, notorious in the netroots, has been hired to pressure the unions to back off their support.

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Bill Richardson Opposes Immigration Deal

By Glenn Hurowitz

Bill Richardson just came out as the first major Democrat to oppose the dangerous immigration deal cut by leading Democratic senators and the Bush White House.

"This is fundamentally flawed in its current form, and I would oppose it," he told The New York Times. "We need bipartisanship, but we also need legislation that is compassionate. I'm not sure that this is."

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Kucinich Seeks to Strip Oil Law Benchmark from Supplemental

Robert Naiman, Just Foreign Policy, March 14, 2007

Almost all of the progressive criticism so far of the supplemental appropriation for the war being considered by the House could be organized under the heading, "It doesn't go far enough." The Murtha readiness criteria allow for a waiver, the deadline for withdrawing troops is too long, funding is not cut off after the deadline, and so on.

But Representative Dennis Kucinich is asking for something to be removed from the supplemental - the "benchmark" that requires the Iraqi government to pass a new oil law.

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The Teamsters Union is letting it's own members starve and die!

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters should be ashamed of itself for the kind of activities that take place in San Francisco's  Teamster local 85, the oldest Teamster local West of the Mississippi.

Contracts are negotiated by it's principal officer, Van Bean and teamsters who must work under those contracts are denied any say in them, or the opportunity to ratify them by a vote. It's "take it or leave it" in Van Bean's local 85. Often contracts are negotiated by just the employer and Van Bean.

Local hiring hall participants recently requested to local union officials that they be allowed to participate in the San Francisco Food Bank, their average incomes are well below the poverty level.

Most hiring hall participants are unable to achieve the minimum 60 hour per month eligibility to have their Health and Welfare benefits, and they and their families are forced to go without health coverage.Some, including most recently 24 year teamster henry hall have even died from this abuse neglect!

The local union hall doesn't even have a water fountain for it's member participants. The water dispensor is in a locked room, and only union officials are allowed to drink from it. the members of local 85 are forced to drink by bending over to use the water from a bathroom sink. Although these hiring hall participants pay 90 dollars a month in dues, they are routinely harassed and treated with contempt by officials. Secretaries in the local are rude to member's spouses over the telephone, they flip local members off when they arrive at work sometimes, and they commit federal offenses during the local union elections to make sure their boss wins.
Disagree with local officials-- they will send letters to employers accussing you of wrongdoing-- without even having been afforded the opportunity to defend yourself of these charges. Or expel you from membership meetings, humiliate and embarass you and falesly tell all those assembled "the department of labor is requiring that we do this".

Cronyism and nepotism run through the hiring hall rampantly. Often 20 and 30 year teamsters, more qualified, will watch someone's neice, nephew, son, or daughter waltz into the hiring hall and go to the top of the list, obtaining work before anyone else, and more frequently than anyone else!

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