David Podvin: LABOR DAY


By David Podvin

Another Labor Day has arrived, making it the perfect time to examine how American workers are victimized by those who pledge friendship. Conservatives never betray laborers, if only because it is impossible to betray people you openly despise. It is progressives who seduce the working class with false promises of fidelity.

In recent decades, American workers have seen their wages steadily lose ground to inflation while the monied elite have prospered.


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Tales from the Lazy Acre - Labor Day Special

    According to Forbes Magazine, American workers on average are becoming lazier as compared to the rest of the world. It appears that we are working fewer hours per week than many of our global competitors.

(Fortune Magazine) -- We Americans pride ourselves on being a hard-working bunch, so here's a thought to spoil your Labor Day rest: By global standards, we're lazy. We've been getting lazier. And the days of the American dolce vita may be numbered.

The surprising report of our relative sloth arrives in new research from the UN's International Labor Organization, which looks at working hours around the world. When it comes to what we might call hard work, meaning the proportion of workers who put in more than 48 hours a week, America is near the bottom of the heap. About 18% of our employed people work that much.

That's a higher proportion than in a few other developed countries like Norway, the Netherlands, and even Japan. But it's actually lower than in Switzerland and Britain, and way lower than in developing countries like Mexico and Thailand. It's drastically lower than in what may be the world's two hardest-working countries, South Korea and Peru, where the proportions are about 50%. CNN

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Where The F... is OCE when it comes to Labor and Unions?

Why do I hear NOTHING from the OCE crowd (obama clinton edwards) when We The People are being fucked over once again.

Working to kill unions on LABOR Day Weekend! This should be a FUCKING HUGE story! This story and Our Actions should have legs... Running Loud Stomping Legs!

Kill The Unions!

Yep.. that is EXACTLY what they are trying to do! If you can not outsource the work to another country, then out source the labor within Our Own Country!

Mexico trucks to roll on U.S. highways

This WILL Kill Union trucking!  PERIOD!

What are WE going to do about this?

Why are we not screaming about this?!

More here:
http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070901/pl_n m/mexico_trucks_us_dc_1

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Labor Day is coming: A salute to Unions

I hope we never forget why we celebrate Labor Day. Although the number of Union workers has fallen off sharply over the years and the influence of the working American has become much weaker vis a vis our government, we can see why the labor vote is still necessary to preserve the country.

For some reason, especially since Reagan, American workers have been misled into thinking that the things Republicans have done in breaking up unions, putting more control into the hands of international corporations, changing the tax code to favor the wealthy, turning health care into a profit-making enterprise, and so many other atrocities, are favorable to labor. All along they have been losing their middle-class status, have seen their expenses rise, and now face a world where their children will not do better than they did.

This must change and change radically. Unfortunately, the average American suffers from a sort of political Attention Deficit Disorder... their attention span is short and their response to 25 years of propaganda has made them blind to the things that liberals have tried to bring to their favor.  I consider it a function of the expanding blogosphere to bring this change about, competing openly with the Limbaugh world.

The continued corruption of Republicans has brought a new sensitivity to this need for change which we must take advantage of... not by pushing out our own misleading propaganda, but by continuing to speak truth to the lies of corporations, lobbyists, Bushies and the rest of the right.

Have a nice Labor Day and don't forget to express your views to the politicians soliciting your votes and support at local parades and events.

Under the LobsterScope

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TX-10: Let's stand with U.S. workers this Labor Day -- and beyond

When Congress gets back to work after its August recess, the first thing lawmakers should do is unite behind a common sense initiative to support our National Guard troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 'Patriot Corporations of America Act' would require corporations to support U.S. troops by paying the difference between regular salary and military salary for all National Guard and Reserve employees who are called up to active duty, and by continuing health insurance coverage for the Guard member and his or her family.

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