NY-20: Protest Sweeney at a fundraiser w/ Giuliani THIS MONDAY!

This Monday, August 21, 2006, moveon.org will be hosting a protest of John Sweeney's (R-NY-20) record on military affairs outside of his upcoming fundraiser with Rudy Giuliani at the home of corporate lobbyists Julie Chlopecki and David Fuscus in Saratoga Springs. (This diary also includes all of Sweeney's major votes against our troops and veterans)

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NY-20: Don't buy "red" in the 20th!

Don't indirectly contribute to John Sweeney's re-election campaign! Avoid doing business with these "red" firms which have been major contributors to Sweeney's re-election campaign this cycle. Personally, I don't think any progressives, liberals, and Democrats should have the time of day to waste on companies trying to support a right-wing agenda and the re-election of a corrupt, right-wing congressman.

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NY-20: Sweeney's new misleading radio ads

Bumped from the diaries -- Jonathan... New York's 20th district, where Kirsten Gillibrand is offering a strong challenge to John Sweeney, is definitely among he Democrats' best pick-up opportunities in the House this fall. To help make a difference in the race (and in the campaign to retake the House this fall), visit Gillibrand's ActBlue page and throw her campaign a few dollars.

Rep. John Sweeney's new series of radio ads, focused predominantly on health care pork barrel projects, and primarily targeted at a rural audience (the Adirondack region of the district) are once again running away from Rep. Sweeney's biggest weakness - his voting record. Not to mention that these ads are once again continuing to tell that bald faced lie that he's somehow "independent."

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NY-20: Sweeney funded by War Profiteers!

Maybe there's a reason why John Sweeney wants to "stay the course" in Iraq.
Once again, Sweeney's position on the Iraq War, just like most of Sweeney's other positions can be summed up with one word - MONEY. This year alone, Sweeney has taken $20,000 from the defense industry, including from major contributions from BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin. Besides this, Halliburton was a major contributor to Sweeney during the 2003-2004 cycle.

It's time to get rid of a corrupt, right wing congressman who is a rubber stamp for the defense industry!

I was orignially going to wait until right before the election to post this diary, but since moveon.org will launch a new series of ads tommorow on Sweeney in relation to this topic, I thought I would post this diary to coincide with the new ads

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NY-20: Gillibrand in striking distance of Sweeney!

A new internal poll released by Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign shows that John Sweeney's earlier 19 point advantage has now eroded away to only an 8 point advantage. You may view the results of the new poll here.

What I find significant about this poll is that it was conducted during August 29-31 AFTER the airing of the moveon.org "red handed" ad campaign had begun, while the earlier Siena Poll that showed Sweeney with a 19 point lead was conducted BEFORE the airing of the moveon.org ad campaign.

What's even more significant about the poll though, is that without mentioning Gillibrand or Sweeney's names, it shows that more voters in the 20th Congressional District would lean towards electing a Democratic congressional candidate (44%) than a Republican congressional candidate (36%). This is very good news considering that this is a district where enrolled Republicans account for 43% of the electorate, while Democrats only account for 25% of voters.

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