Gillibrand Campaign and NY-20 gaining momentum

It's been a bad week for Rep. John E. Sweeney (R, NY-20). It was a bad month for John Sweeney. For that matter it has been a bad year for the incumbent (as it has been for most Republican incumbents) and it really began going downhill for him in Sep. of last year.

And there are no signs it is going to get any better for him in the coming month or the remaining 220 days.

Kirsten Gillibrand, Sweeney's challenger in this years election...

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Kirsten Gillibrand and Ethics in Congress

It's been a really busy time for me the last few months and I've been remiss in letting folks know about the really fantastic candidate running for office in my congressional district. Her name is Kirsten Gillibrand and she is exactly the kind of Democrat we want to send to Washington.

Two weeks ago Kirsten made a pledge to all the people of New York's 20th Congressional District. This pledge goes far beyond an currently proposed standards or reforms. It is her statement of the kind of congresswoman she will be if elected.

I want to share this with you and then ask for your help in getting Kirsten elected.

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Fundraising trouble for Sweeney

4th quarter fund raising numbers are in and it is a bleak report for incumbent Rep. John Sweeney.

While his opponent Kirsten Gillibrand was setting records for Democratic candidates in New York's 20th Congressional District Mr. Sweeney experienced his worst fund raising quarter in 2 years.

Sweeney showed total receipts of $103,409.77 for the quarter while Gillibrand raised $249,035.44. An almost 150% advantage for Gillibrand.

Similarly distressing for Sweeney...

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Sweeney Holding His Ground... in DC... not NY-20

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Our friends over at News Copy, New York (a very good blog for reading up on the Republican side of things by the way) seem to be big fans of Rep. John Sweeney. Fair enough. It would be nice however, if they got all their facts straight... or at least shared all of them... while engaging in defense of their favorite son.

(Speaking of favorite sons they seem quite fond of Democrat Tom Suozzi over there as well - given the state of affairs amongst Republican Gubernatorial candidates I can understand why they would like a quality Democrat and given the dearth of quality Republican candidates at any high level it becomes easy to understand why they are trying so hard to find likeable qualities in John Sweeney)

As posted here previously Mr. Sweeney's calls for new Republican leadership...

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NY-20: New website launched to expose Sweeney's corrupt record!

The activist group, Expose Sweeney, has launched a new website, "The Real John Sweeney" at in order to better expose Representative Sweeney's poor voting record, as well as his corruption and scandals to the voting population here in New York's 20th Congressional District.

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