Sweeney reaches out to female voters

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Rep. John Sweeney (R-Alpha Delta Phi) is continuing his plan of reaching out to a wide range of constituencies.

Following on his successful outreach to the youth vote the increasingly desperate Mr. Sweeney is now working on securing women's votes.

In an article in Sunday's Troy Record Sweeney is quoted as saying in regard to his female Democratic opponent Kirsten Gillibrand...

"You can't take a resume and a pretty face from New York City and say to people this is good for you simply because we can spend a lot of money and raise a lot of money."

Judith Hope, former chair of the New York Democratic Committee and founder of the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee had this to say...

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"It's hard to imagine a congressman more embarrassing... "

... than John Sweeney of the New York 20th congressional district."

So begins the endorsement today of Kirsten Gillibrand by Democracy for America.

"In addition to voting in lock-step with President Bush, enjoying ski trips with lobbyists, accepting thousands of dollars from Tom DeLay, and partying at college fraternity houses on the weekends, John Sweeney's found time to try to privatize Social Security and give away billions to the oil industry."

"Thankfully, DFA candidate Kirsten Gillibrand is everything that Sweeney is not. She's smart, ethical and will represent Upstate New Yorkers with the honor and dignity they deserve. Let's help Kirsten bring dignity back to DC."

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GOP Crony of the Week: Why YOU pay higher gas prices.

With gas prices anywhere from $3.06 to $3.11 per gallon around the 20th district these days it is fair for us all to ask... why?

How come gas prices have more than doubled under the Bush administration? Fuel oil. Natural gas. Diesel. They have all gone through the roof under the Republicans while Exxon-Mobil rakes in record profits for any company in history for multiple years in a row. As if that is not enough the CEO of Exxon-Mobil retired with a $400 Million pension.

And Republican Senators talk of buying off our unrest with $100 rebate checks. Where do those rebate checks come from? Exxon-Mobil? The pension of the retired CEO? No. Republican lawmakers are so beholden to oil companies that they are suggesting a measly $100 rebate of OUR OWN MONEY to us rather than taking it back from big oil companies like Exxon-Mobil in the form of an excess profits tax.

In honor of the bankruptcy of Republican politics the DCCC has started a new web site... The GOP Auction House.

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The 15th Seat: Kirsten Gillibrand and NY-20

The good news and good reports have been coming fast and furious for Kirsten Gillibrand Democratic challenger in New York's 20th Congressional District.

USA Today's Andrea Stone highlights Gillibrand in a report on Democratic chances for recapturing the US House of Representatives in this falls elections. Democrats need to gain a total of 15 seats in order to gain majority control.

Describing the upstate New York district as "the land of opportunity" and a "key" to Democratic "strategy for gaining control of the House of Representatives," Gillibrand is quoted as saying:

"There's a shift happening right now in the district and the region," says Gillibrand, 39, a lawyer and a former Clinton administration housing official. "People want new leaders who are accountable."

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It's 9:00 PM. Do you know where your Congressman is?

Our friends over at Democracy in Albany have the scoop on John Sweeney's Pool Game.

Mr. Sweeney's supporters like to complain at length (ad nauseum frankly) about his competitor Kirsten Gillibrand holding fund raisers in New York City. Last I checked New York City is still a part of New York State. It may seem like another world but it is still an integral part of the state.

Sweeney prefers to hold his fund raisers with lobbyists in place like Park City, Utah and Buffalo Billiards in Washington, DC.

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