Hoyer/Murtha: Gillibrand shows her cojones

[At last, a new angle!]

The Albany Times-Unionpicks up that NY-20 freshman, lefty sphere favorite and yummy mummy par excellence Kirsten Gillibrand has been given the Pelosi Treatment over her intention to vote Hoyer.

Our Kirsten was not, it seems, to be overawed:

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John Edwards calls New Yorkers for Arcuri, Massa, Gillibrand

John Edwards is helping elect D-WFP Congressional candidates Mike Arcuri, Eric Massa and Kirsten Gillibrand. John and the WFP have recorded robocalls that are going out to voters in NY-24, NY-29 and NY-20. With all the coverage of negative robocalls, I wanted to share these positive calls. Listen to all three:

This is part of the Working Families Party's effort to Take Back Congress.  Check out the rest of the Working Families Party's Take Back Congress campaign material.  And then check out the Working Families Party's 2006 endorsements.

New Yorkers can vote for D-WF candidates on the WFP's ballot line, Row E.  Your vote still counts to elect the candidate you vote for, and you can vote your values.

Good luck tomorrow everyone!

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'NY pickups doubtful': 'Times' says it with a photo

The Times has a piece today which suggests that the number of Dem House pickups expected earlier in the year (four or five, it says) has been whittled down to one or zero.


At the same time, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee plans to spend roughly $50 million on advertisements for races around the country, according to Republican estimates. But none of that money has been set aside for New York races, except for [NY-24], according to Democrats involved in the races.

I know nowhere near enough to comment on the substance of any of that.

What drew my attention was the photo that runs with the story: it's that lefty sphere fave, the truly yummy Kirsten Gillibrand, out campaigning with the not-quite-so-fave Hillary.

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MyDD Accountability Adwatch: Kirsten Gillibrand

This is the 2 minute version.

And this is the 40 second version.

This is exceptionally creative, and a really good use of a progressive asset.  This actor is from the district.

What do you think?

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Accountability Adwatch: Kirsten Gillibrand - NEW Ad

Bumped from the diaries -- Jonathan... This is a great web ad, produced and put up almost immediately after GOP Rep. John Sweeney went even more strongly negative against Kirsten Gillibrand's family. David Straithairn, who actually lives in the district, reprises his role as Edward R. Murrow in "Good Night, And Good Luck". It's difficult to imagine a more memorable ad.

And the transcript:


I think this ad is pretty damned good.  I saw Good Night and Good Luck and it was one of my all-time favorite movies (I wish they'd show it in schools just for that speech at the end).  This ad has very much of that feel, asking John Sweeney, "Have you no decency?" It directly challenges him on being a Republican rubber stamp and slams the Republicans for their bully tactics.

I think this is exactly the kind of thing we need.  Simple, direct, and unforgettably unique.  The only problem is it is presently web-only.  Apparently the media has taken quite a liking to it, though, so that may change.  I'd certainly encourage everyone to donate and help make sure this gets out there.

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