Carolyn McCarthy, progressive?

Carolyn McCarthy is an admirable advocate for gun control and has created much good out of a family tragedy that would have immoblized most others in the same position.

A progressive though? Not so much. . .

She ran on the Democratic line in 1996 but only after the New York GOP rebuffed her when she announced her intentions to challenge then-Rep. Dan Frisa in a primary. The Democrats wisely recruited her and she flipped the seat in the 1996 election. That didn't stop her from having conversations with the GOP about returning to her roots in 1998. Furthermore, though she was caucusing with the Democrats in Congress, she didn't officially change her voter registration from "R" to "D" until 2002. Six years after she was elected.

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NY-Sen: Top GOP Contender Praises Gillibrand Pick

This is certainly an interesting development. Peter King, the Republican Congressman from Long Island who has been eyeing a 2010 Senate bid, is praising the selection of Democratic Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to succeed Hillary Clinton in representing New York in the Senate.

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y), the leading Republican contender for the New York Senate seat, praised newly-appointed Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and said he won't decide whether to run against her until this summer.

King, who was prepared to immediately jump in the race if Caroline Kennedy was appointed, called Gillibrand a "very qualified woman" who deserves a chance to prove her mettle.

"If he appointed Caroline Kennedy, I was ready to file papers right away because she's a superstar and you can't let her build a head of steam - and she was totally unqualified in my perspective," King told Politico. "With Kirsten, she's entitled to be given an opportunity to build a record for the state."

It sounds as though King is still considering a Senate bid, though clearly with less vigor than he was when it appeared as though Caroline Kennedy would be the pick for the Democrats. These kind words for Gillibrand don't necessarily inhibit King from making a run -- though they nevertheless make it seem like a bid is less likely. That said, King may be out of a Congressional seat come the end of the 2011-12 redistricting process, so perhaps he will get in either way.

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NY-Sen: It's Kirsten Gillibrand(?)

So reports WPIX:

PIX11 News has learned Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand is the choice of Governor David Paterson to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton.  Two Congressional sources tell PIX News that the Governor will make his announcement in Albany at noon tomorrow.  He has invited members of the state's Democratic Congressional delegation to join him.


Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who is considered the candidate with the most experience for the Senate, was a frontrunner.  But the Congressional source told Scott, "appointing him would have presented the Governor with a problem of a successor," one that could have led to a political battle in Albany, an appointment influenced by combative Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and vote of the entire legislature.

As one source noted, "in politics you never know," but based on the information they have heard and shared with PIX News Governor Paterson intends to name Kirsten Gillibrand as New York's next Senator at a noon news conference tomorrow in Albany.

I haven't yet seen this story on the wires or reported by other local media organizations, so it's probably worth waiting this one out to hear more. Yet Kirsten Gillibrand's name has certainly been in the mix, as a woman and one who represents in Congress a once-Republican district in upstate New York, so her selection would not come as a complete surprise. But more as we hear it...

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Introducing our 2016 FEMALE candidates for President

I know that many of you will dismiss the following diary as premature, but with all of the uproar about Sarah Palin, there is a point that has been lost here. We, in the Democratic Party, remain the more favorable party for female candidates in politics by almost any measure. And we, the Democratic Party, have numerous up-and-coming female candidates that will absolutely be in the running for our Presidential nomination in 2016.

Some are better known than others; most will be well-known within a decade.  But we, as a Party, should recognize that gender equality in politics is not the politics of tokenism, of appointing someone hopelessly overmatched for the position solely on the basis of gender. Rather, gender equality in politics is a Senate and Congress composed of equal parts men and women. Gender equality is a slate of Presidential candidates comprised of equal numbers of men and women.

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Kirsten Gillibrand Has More Cash-on-Hand than the NRCC

Earlier this afternoon I noted that the Democratic Congresional Campaign Committee has about 17 times more money in the bank than its GOP counterpart, the National Republcian Congressional Committee. I turns out that that might not be the most embarrassing statistic to come out of the third quarter fundraising reports.

According to its latest filing with the Federal Election Commission, the NRCC had $1,598,505.61 in the bank as of September 30. The committee's debts total $3,850,000, meaning that the NRCC is actually in the red for $2,251,494.39.

For comparison's sake, take a look at the latest campaign filing by Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand, who was first elected last fall in the Republican leaning 20th district of New York. As of the end of September, Gillibrand reported having $1,631,852.36 in the bank and owing no debts or obligations. That means that one single freshman Democrat had more money on hand than the entire NRCC -- and significantly more money when debts and obligations are taken into account. I neither have the time nor the resources to look into this, but one would imagine that such a comparison is unprecedented, at least in recent history. So no wonder the Republican leadership in the House has been trying to shake up the leadership of the committee for some time.

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