NY-20: Please add Kirsten Gillibrand to Netroots Challengers!

A great opportunity for a Democratic pickup is being overlooked by the progressive blogosphere.

We need your help! John Sweeney, the corrupt right-wing Republican incumbent has currently raised about $450,000 more than progressive Democratic challenger Kirsten Gillibrand. Already his attack machine is out in full force with a vicious new ad. The only way we'll be able to be able to successfully counteract his smears and attacks is by matching (or perhaps beating) his fundraising totals.

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NY-20: New Activist Group Formed to Expose Sweeney's Record

I just received word that a new online activist group, Expose Sweeney, has been formed at Yahoo groups. The purpose of new group will be for progressive activists to help share their knowledge/research of the troubled record of Representative John E. Sweeney (R-NY-20) with one another so it can more effectively be exposed to the public. You may send an e-mail to ExposeSweeney-subscribe@yahoogroups.com in order to be added to the group's membership list.

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