A Major Announcement in Kentucky

Bluegrass Report is taking on Governor Fletcher:

Of all the shameless and offensive acts that Governor Fletcher has pulled on us in the two years he's been in office, I don't think any of them compare to the sham he pulled at 5:25 pm on Friday when he appointed two campaign contributors as Special Justices to the Kentucky Supreme Court to hear just one case -- his own desperate appeal in the Merit System criminal investigation.

So, I spent much of this weekend working on an ethics complaint to the Judicial Conduct Commission asking them to forcibly recuse both men if they fail to do the right thing and honorably step-down on their own.

This is a big deal.  The difference between the two parties is that while a few select Democrats might be corrupt, the Republican Party is built on a foundation of corruption and contempt for the rule of law.  It's how Republican leadership in much of the country operates.  It's the only way they know how to do politics.  Taking this on everywhere, as well as not standing for it in our own party, is key to building a progressive America.

So congratulations Mark Nickolas and Bluegrassreport.  Ya done good.

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Exclusive Interview with State Rep. Mike Weaver

This exclusive interview with Kentucky State Rep. Mike Weaver, a candidate for Congress in KY-2, was originally posted at my blog today.  Rep. Weaver is a retired Army Colonel and a member of the Band of Brothers.

DS:  First, thank you for joining the Kentucky Democrat for an interview today.  How are things going in Frankfort/Western Kentucky?
Mike Weaver: Frankfort takes the majority of my time while we are in session and prevents me from doing the intensive fundraising that is essential to a successful campaign.   We are having a major fundraising event in Bowling Green on March 11, 2006.  My daughter Cyndi Crocker is leading the charge; Jody Richards is the chair; and Senator Max Cleland will be the guest of honor.   My wife Lois will organize and lead the charge for a fundraiser in Elizabethtown with a guest of honor that we have not selected yet.  Lois and Cyndi will organize the charge in Owensboro with Wesley Clark as the guest of honor.  We will have a date from Clark this week.  We will also have a fundraiser in Louisville after the other three.   The DCCC has this race as a top tier and is very supportive with arranging guests of honor.

DS: You're a veteran who has honorably served our country and now, you are running for Congress.  What are your thoughts on the fact that there are so many veterans running this year?
MW: On Wednesday, February 8, 2006, I stood on the Mall looking up at our nations Capital with forty of the fifty-two Democratic Veterans who are running for Congress.   Max Cleland was the featured speaker and the center of attention as the Band of Brothers rallied around this American hero. Max gave so much of himself for his country only to be branded as a non-patriot during his last campaign for the Senate. It is true that not many veterans have run for congress in the past because veterans, especially those who made the military a career, find the profession to be less honorable than being a professional soldier.   Additionally, fundraising is a huge obstacle for a professional soldier who has never had to ask anyone for donations.  Personally, I would rather do some of the most dangerous and uncomfortable things that I did as a soldier again than ask for money for my campaign.   I, along with fifty-one other veterans, am willing to endure this arduous process because I am convinced that our country needs more combat veterans as part of the decision making process.   There are hard questions that should be asked and answers demanded before this country ever engages in war again.  I think combat veterans are qualified to ask the questions and bold enough to demand the answers.

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KY-3 Update: We have a primary

We will have a primary between Col. Andrew Horne and John Yarmuth.  It has been in a while since we've had a primary but it will be a spirited campaign, I'm sure.  There is actually a third candidate, Burrel Farnsley, I think, but I don't know if that person has a legitimate chance.

According to the Bluegrass Report, Yarmuth is definitely in.

Just got off the phone with LEO founder and former publisher John Yarmuth (D) and he decided that he's in and filing his candidacy papers tomorrow to take on Rep. Anne Northup (R)! Folks, we got ourselves another race.I am in the process of trying to arrange another blog interview, this one with John Yarmuth.


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KY-04: The Lucas of the Draw

Via Political Wire and the AP, we today learn former Rep. Ken Lucas (D-KY) will indeed mount a challenge to freshman Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY).

Per Howard Dean, "What I want to know is..."

(a) How much money Davis took from Casino Jack over the years; and
(b) How Davis voted on the 'Delay Rule' (paging Josh Marshall); and
(c) How Davis intends to improve George Bush's prescription drug boondoggle.

...Speaker Pelosi.

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KY-04: Lucas is in!

Everybody let out a yell of joy. Former Congressman Ken Lucas is going to challenge Geoff Davis in KY-04!

http://news.cincinnati.com/apps/pbcs.dllarticle?AID=/20060130/NEWS0103/60130035 1-1/CINCI

"RICHWOOD - Ending weeks of speculation, Boone County Democrat Ken Lucas will announce today that he will run for the congressional seat he left in 2005, sources close to the former congressman confirmed Sunday.

Lucas, who represented Northern Kentucky's 4th Congressional District for three terms from 1999 to 2005, was not available to comment Sunday. He will run against U.S. Rep. Geoff Davis, a first-term Boone County Democrat who lost to Lucas in the 2002 race. ..."

Read my analysis below the fold...

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