HRC Supporters Boycott NBC

I've turned off the news this election season. I guess that's the wave of the future, but my motivation was how biased the MSM is against Hillary. Particularly NBC.

Why do they do it? In the old days, a guy like Russert would have been paid a few hundred thousand. Thus it was natural for the 4th Estate to challenge power. These days, these are rich men and major stockholders, good for them, bad for the system.

Now: Who's the biggest threat to General Electric stock (parent company of NBC)? Not McCain, obviously. Not Obama who, if he manages to get elected a few years out of the state senate, is not exactly going to hit the ground running. Hillary is the biggest threat.

I don't mean to imply these guys at NBC are issued marching orders in the form of "get Hillary." I just think they know which side their bread is buttered on. (I mean, I assume the head of GE sometimes watches TV) And if nothing else, Obama's a better story--first black candidate, etc.

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What Happened To NBC?

I was just on the msnbc webpage and they have a series of Hillary cartoons that are embarrassing and hostile. My wife and I have stopped watching Olbermann because he drank the NBC anti-Hillary Kool Aid, long before that had stopped watching Chris Matthews, and Tim Russert's blatant hostility towards Hillary in the last debate was well-documented/lampooned by Saturday Night Live.

What's up with NBC? Perhaps Obama supporters would call their coverage objective. As a HRC supporter, my (conspiracy) theory is that she represents the biggest threat to the establishment. The parent company, General Electric, knows this, as do all the big corps. And in some kind of weird network osmosis, the little people, the Russerts and Olbermanns adopt and reflect the common company venom.

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Keith Olbermann, Hypocrite

Keith, first let me say, I have thought you wonderful for years.  But last night, well, I'm done with you.  Had you been honest enough to publicly endorse Obama, then at least I would respect your next words, for they would have been the lies and distortions of an advocate.  However, your failure to do so makes you even less than what you criticize, for at least Senators Clinton and Obama admit they are politicians, advocating for their own election.  You pretend to be an uninterested observer, and are therefore a hypocrite and a liar, at least by omission.

Cross posted at the Big Orange Blog, where you can see censorship for unpopular opinions in action.

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Clinton, Obama, KO, AAR, Paul, Stevie, You, Me, Racism, Sexism

The following is taken from a comment I made earlier. It starts off with some thoughts that have been bugging me and ends with a corny video for a corny song. But maybe some of the words in the song need to be revisited?

Who benefits from the supposed "racist" comments that keep stirring the pot?

Why do these supposed racist comments and the outrage always seem to come out BEFORE the vote in a state that has a large Democratic base that is black? Such as SC and Mississippi?

Why does it seem that both of the Obama's and their campaign will let the "racist" comments smolder and stoke the flames when needed, only to try and put out the fire or ignore the fire after it has done its job?

To be fair, I will give you this...

Some of the comments made by people in, on or around the Clinton campaign are stupid and yes some may be based in unconscious racism. I do not believe that either campaign would knowingly have someone working for them if they knew they were a racist or sexist ass.


I would also say that the same sort of things have come from the Obama side when concerning sexism AND racism. Race baiting can come from both sides.

EVERY person on this earth has a little or a lot of racism in them. We all are "prejudice" in many different ways. We are humans, we are animals, we have emotions and we ALL act out in anger and frustration.

Why can't KO and ALL the others, INCLUDING people here and at Dkos, just give it a friggin rest! Stop this racist and sexist BULLSHIT!


On to the corny song and video.

Enjoy.   :)

By the way, I chose purple because it was such a "happy and festive" color. :)

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[UPDATE w/ LINK] Olbermann to Clinton: "You are now campaigning as were the Republican"

Initially this was a YouTube video, but here's the link to the official site:

I haven't seen this posted over on MyDD, although Olbermann's post on dKos broke their comment system after it logged over 1000 in very short order.  In any case, the original diary over there didn't have a link to the video, and this does.

Transcript below the fold...

Update [2008-3-12 22:30:27 by The Great Gatsby]: Linked to the MSNBC video so that KO can get his associated ad revenue

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